My Poker Resolutions for 2009

As a poker player, I personally have to set goals in the past to improve my playing. However, after reading Rhonda Byrne’s popular book The Secret in which you can manifest what you want by thinking about it clearly and living to that truth I learned that I can apply some of these principles to poker.


1) Clearly define what you want. Be specific – use dates and details.
2) State goals in a positive manner.
3) Visualize yourself achieving those goals.

For 2009, I’m making some serious poker playing goals. I want to get serious about my game and become a winning player. Following are five goals I’ve made and I hope that you will make some too, using this example.

• Win my way to the 2010 World Series of Poker Ladies Event via PokerSchoolOnline in the site’s online qualifiers by June 2009.

• Re-read Doyle Brunson’s Super System 1& 2, Caro’s Book of Tells and Sklansky’s The Theory of Poker, taking copious notes and asking questions in forums like 2+2 and

• Practice three to five times each week for at least two hours at a time

• Meditate daily for at least five minutes to cultivate patience on the felt (and off).

• Play in leagues both live action and online. League poker is a great way for me to get exposure to the game and like-minded people who play it.

What are your goals? Share them if you dare!