My Top Ten Ways of Generating Page Views For Articles

All freelance writers want to generate as many page views as they can.  Sometimes this is just for the pleasure of knowing that there work has been read, but more often than not it is because this is the way that most sites allow you to earn revenue from your writing. 

After writing for such sites for about eighteen months now and doing lots of research on the internet, either through finding information on search engines, personal trial and error, or from taking the advice from articles that are written by other writers sharing similar experiences and tips, I now feel able and knowledgeable enough to share a list of my top ten favourite ways of promoting my articles and generating page views.

Here are my top ten:

  1. Click yourself.  As soon as your post is published, click on the link to generate an immediate view.  If you have the time and inclination, you can also spend an hour one day clicking on all your articles.  If you write for Triond, they will allow you to click your article once a day and allow this to show up as a page view.  This is time consuming and you may not feel that the monetary gain is worth the time that this will take you.  (I have 202 articles and this took me an hour to do, although my internet is really slow at the moment.  The financial gain for my hour’s efforts amount to approximately 30 cents, which is about twenty pence in British value). 
  2. Make friends.  On most writing sites you can make ‘friends’ with other writers.  When you write an article, it will show up on your dashboard and likewise, when you write an article this shows up on theirs.  This gives more people the opportunity to view your article and comment on it.  The more friends you have, the more likely it is that they will read your articles.  I have found that this works best if you comment on their work also.  It is more likely then that they will take the time to look at yours.  Ignore all their efforts and they will do the same with yours.  This doesn’t have to mean that you read every person’s articles everyday.  Some of the writers that I have befriended write between ten and twenty articles a day.  I would have no time left to write myself or to promote my articles!  I just read the ones that are on a topic that particularly interest me.  Often, these topics have also inspired my own writing.
  3. Facebook.  Make sure that you have friends on Facebook first.  When your article is published, click on it and you will find the Facebook icon and a box saying ‘Like’.  As soon as you click that you like your article it will be posted to your Facebook page, allowing all your friends to view it.
  4. Stumbleupon.  I really like this site.  On your article you will find a share button.  You will also find a share button on your content page if you write for Triond.  Click the Stumbleupon link.  You have to select categories for your article and have the option of writing a review.  You will immediately generate about three views for that article, plus ongoing views from anyone on the Stumbleupon site who views it.  The best part is that you can use this tool everyday, giving you the option to generate at least three views per article everyday.  To do this for all your articles everyday would take an exceptionally long time- I tried it once!
  5. Digg- again using the share buttons, submit your article to dig.  Once it is submitted, you can view your article again via Digg and then it will be viewed by others on the site.  You can only submit each article once to the site.  I usually get about four or five views for each article on the first day and then a slow feed of views after that.  I have heard great success stories of people getting articles on the front page and generating thousands of views in just one day, but I have so far been unlucky with this.
  6. Link articles.  When you write an article, include a link to some of your other articles that are on a related topic (you will notice that I have done this at the end).  If a reader has found your article informative and interesting, then it is possible that they will click on the links and read more of your work.
  7. Submit to other sites.  Some sites will allow you to submit the same article on several different sites.  Be careful to check the terms, conditions and writers agreements for all the sites that you write for.  If I write an article for Triond, I regularly also submit to She Told Me, Bukisa and Wikinut.  This way one article has several routes for generating views and earning additional income. 
  8. Blogger.  If you have some topics that you write about regularly, it is worth starting up with Blogger and linking your articles in with them.  Not only will this generate you more views, it is an additional way that you can earn revenue from Google Adsense.  You can find Blogger on the share buttons that I mentioned earlier.
  9. Email.  This works best with humorous articles.  Email the link to your friends and they may pass it on to people in their email address book.  I have only tried this twice.  Once this was really successful in generating me lots more views, and once I generated only about twenty more views (but still better than nothing!)
  10. Write a good title and good quality content.  Your title should tell people what your article is about.  It is the first thing that people will see.  If they can’t tell from the title what the article is about, or if it sounds uninteresting, then they won’t open the article and read it.  The quality of the content is also important as people won’t read an article if it is uninteresting or they think that you don’t know what you are talking about.  This will also affect the number of times that people will click on your links, and the likelihood of them clicking on the advertisements that are generating you income as they won’t stay on the page for long enough.