My Valentine

My Valentine

A ValentineA Valentine

You may not be romantic, that is not your style. You are not always good with words, but then I can read your thoughts. You pick me up when I feel low, you make me laugh at the most ridiculous things. You are like a little boy, and you need to be looked after. You can never find your clothes in the wardrobe unless they fall out of it, and you are always losing your keys.

But none of that matters, because you are loyal and true, my protector, my friend, my partner, and my love. The one who sees my good and my bad side, but still loves me, and accepts me for what I am . I know when everyone else fails me, you will not, you will always be there, by my side, because you understand me.

 We have been through so much together, some it was happy, but some of it was very sad, but this only made us closer. Sharing our lives, the ups and the downs makes it all the more precious, because we all only have one life, and finding the right person to share it with you is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

Valentine’s Day is on 14th February, but I am lucky because I have my Valentine every day of the year.