Myspace: The Social Networking Phenomenon

Myspace is one of the most popular and fastest growing social networking websites on the internet. It is a site where people of all cultures and backgrounds can communicate with one another and build social relationships through the internet. While using the website, people may stumble across new friendships by uncovering individuals with similar interests to their own. They can also use the website to locate and get back in touch with old friends who may also be using Myspace or they can simply build on current friendships while having another source of communication between their companions and themselves.

Myspace has a variety of ways in which users can locate people through the website. They may look for a specific person by visiting the “Find Friends” area and then typing the person’s name or email address into the given space. After submitting that name or email address, they will then be shown a list of people which they may narrow down by choosing the person’s gender, age, and location. If users are not searching for a specific friend, then they may instead visit the “Browse Friends” area where they can search for people based on a basic or advanced set of options. Within the advanced options, they can choose from selections under the categories of gender, age, relationship status, ethnicity, body type, orientation, religion, location, and more. If your profile is set to private, then only people you have added to your friends list will have access to the majority of your Myspace profile.

There are several features within your profile that you have the option of editing. You may change your mood to one of the many moods provided to you on a given list, or you can type your own mood if it is not already found within the list. You can also choose an emoticon to accompany your mood as well as a status message that may be up to one hundred and sixty characters in length. You can upload a display picture as well as several additional photos, which you may categorize in separate groups from one another within individual folders. You can also share your interests, such as movies, books, and music by displaying them on your profile as well as other personal information, which can be added to the other sections of your profile.

You may even use the blogging feature and create your own blog for your friends to view or, if you wish, for anyone who chooses to view it. Those people may also be given the option to leave kudos and comments on your blog posts to let you know what they have thought of your work. You can add games or apps to your Myspace account with the choice of whether or not to display them on your profile for others to see. These apps consist of a large variety of selections, including mobster games, hero games, vampire games, horoscopes, and countless other applications. Users may invite their friends to add the applications onto their accounts and join their friends in using them. Based on the type of application, friends may use the features to interact with one another by joining them in a game, leaving gifs for one another, chatting, and even purchasing and owning their friends.