Myths About Sex

The less you know the more you are at risk no matter what you think you know it still comes down to one thing what do you believe?

Myths one believes is that you can’t fall pregnant if you do it standing, the fact that sperm are classical swimmers, one mission find the egg and fertilize it,  right!!!  But, no you are wrong, this can happen to you, sperm can swim in any direction and are fast.

You won’t fall pregnant if he pulls out, you think that it is that way but wrong, men produce a tiny liquid call pre-ejaculate, this is released anytime during sex without you even knowing it. If your partner does pull out before ejaculation chances are that he has already released the sperm.

Douching may be the best way for you to keep clean down there, about forty percent of woman do this but the best way to clean down there is to leave it alone. It is not like cleaning other parts of your body, your vagina has its own self-cleaning mechanisms.  By producing its own fluids it washes out bacteria and keeps some bacteria required in correct proportions.

Herpes can be spread to you only if your partner has an outbreak, the highest risk is when in an outbreak, but partners can be affected at any time if having sex unprotected. You should avoid being intimate with your partner if this is the case.