Natural Childbirth and the Prevailing Opinions

Natural childbirth is thought of as either crazy, beautiful or dangerous, depending on whom you ask. For those who think its crazy, it represents a huge medical risk in case an emergency crops up, as well as being unnecessarily painful. Many mothers look down on it as being an unnecessary sacrifice that could just as easily be avoided.

Those who find it beautiful are often aware of how many complications can result from medical interventions during birth. Women practicing natural childbirth both seek to avoid complications and having a Caesarean section. Others seek to fully realize the experience of birth to connect themselves with the experience their mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers experienced.

Those who view it as dangerous are usually medical professionals who want as much medical intervention as possible. The money involved has made the medical arts primarily a business, and childbirth is no exception. Giving birth is big business, and there are millions to be made- if a doctor practices his business the right way. Caesareans are much more expensive, and the take less time to perform than the long wait for birth that can be the case in natural childbirth.

Whichever method is chosen, it should above all be the mother’s choice. It should not be influenced by the doctor’s bottom line, the husband’s sensibilities or the mother-in-law’s personal beliefs. A mother must be able to make the choice for herself and her child alone, whether anyone else sees it as being crazy, dangerous, unnecessary or even beautiful.