Natural Wonders in a Cup of Tea

Nothing is more delicious than start the day with a cup of hot tea. Not only that, drink tea, fit to be enjoyed during the afternoon, usually while relaxing.

Drink tea which is known as a daily drink, apparently in addition to having a sense of well-loved, it also has many health benefits, including lowering levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholestrol), lowers the risk of cancer, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevent a stroke, lose weight, and increase stamina.

The quality of tea leaves and tea the correct way of presenting very well determine whether or not drink tea. The best quality tea leaves are on the 3 first leaf, where the raw materials taken from the top 3 leaves, which are picked in a timely manner, which is when they are not too young nor too old.

Because the primary key of the properties of tea is at an optimal bioactive components contained in tea leaves are young and intact. The components in tea leaves that are beneficial to health is a source of antioxidant polyphenol compounds as the most potent elements in warding off free radicals.

Presentation of a true tea is brewed tea with no more than 3 minutes and not let the tea leaves submerged for longer than that time. In this way we will get the pleasure of taste and aroma of tea in an optimal fashion. In addition, water quality also affects the quality of steeping tea, good quality water is water from mountain springs.

Now please do not hesitate to consume tea, make tea ritual as an activity to your routine. Because other than a refreshing taste, two bonus features can be found in a cup of tea, that is healthy and youthful. Enjoy your tea moment!