Navigating Your Teen Through “Interesting” Times

The teen years can be hard. Knowing how to help navigate the different twists and turns of teen life can ease your son or daughter’s stress during this time. Having a sense of humor on your part will help you get through the “interesting” teen times! So start keeping a list of funny stories to share with the grandkids.

Interesting. That is such a cute way of saying “AHHHHH!” Not that any of you would understand what I mean by that. I personally have never, never said that about my teen. Ok, maybe not never… would you believe mostly? Well, to be honest, I say that quite often. No big surprise! As our kids stumble into this “interesting” teen time of their lives, we must learn new ways to find joy both whenever and wherever they are. Usually with my kids, that takes place during those “interesting” times!

The most recent “interesting” time came when my 15 year old decided to clean his room. That should have made me unbelievably happy. It did not. It made me very nervous. He had never cleaned anything without a lot of prodding; cattle prodding! He enlisted the help of his two younger siblings, which was also very unusual. As they began to toss things out of his room; I mean they really TOSSED them out and into the hallway; it reminded me of a funny free for all scene from some Renaissance Faire.

As the room began to empty out, they realized there were a number of items that needed to be disassembled so that they could toss them too. As the younger siblings began to take things apart, they tossed them towards my 15 year old son. He in turn, tossed them out into the hallway. That was fine, except he was sitting down and not in a safe position. As the pieces hurled towards him, he suddenly realized certain body parts were very vulnerable! But did he get up and move?? NO! He just grabbed a pillow, “protected” himself, and kept on tossing! That’s when I stepped into the room. When I saw the three of them tossing, throwing, and he with a pillow “there”, I lost it! It was so funny! I laughed so hard I had an asthma attack! It was one of the funniest scenes I had ever witnessed!

Interesting is not always bad. Sometimes it is just that, “interesting”! Find the joy in all of your teen’s “interesting” moments. You and your teen will be much happier and the navigation of this part of life will go easier. Enjoy!