NCAA Football 10 Special Teams Tips and Tricks

Do you have that one big mouth friend that always brags about good he is at a certain video game? I always had one such friend and it always made my day to make him eat all that trash talk. Here today I’m gonna give out some NCAA Football 10 special teams tips and tricks to use in order to gain an advantage on the series from EA Sports.

The first thing is that these NCAA Football 10 special teams tips and tricks aren’t gonna win you ball games alone but they will play a special part in your offensive and defensive success. The difference between going 80 yards
and 60 yards every single drive is huge and with a good return game the scoring will improve in your favor. One major NCAA Football 10 special teams tip for kickoff returns is to manually move the blockers during the kick and before the ball is caught by the return man. For example if you take one of the men up front and run back
towards the return man and to one side this will usually give you an extra blocker on that side of the field. I’ve busted so many kickoffs this way and had people complaining during the process.

Then there is a minor NCAA Football 10 special teams tip that most players never think about on the game. This is setting your players for the kickoff and punt returns. Obviously some players are gonna be better blockers than others out on the field. I recommend putting all your best blockers on one side of the field and always trying to return the ball to that side whether it’s a kick or punt return.