Nearly a Nightmare

Recently, my husband and I moved to Bismarck, ND for his job. He was promoted to assistant manager which meant that we had to leave behind Casper, Wyoming, not a real big loss there, and move. We moved on Oct 19th, 2009 and just now got to move into an apartment today on the 30th. For two days there we were homeless and it wasnt until I called the rental agency who was waiting on a criminal background from us and bawled because we have no home and four cats with us in a single car did they allow us to move in even without the background check coming through.

I felt like such an idiot for crying on the phone and all of you must realize that I am not a crier. It even surprised my husband that I cried to a complete stranger because we were homeless. it was a nightmare that I hope to never have to relive again, but yet I know another move is coming because they want to make him a store manager in a short 6 months to 2 years. Maybe this time it won’t be so difficult. Besides, the hard part is already behind us. Both my husband and I had to leave our family behind which turns out to be one of the most difficult things to do.

The last two weeks have been nothing but a bad dream that I can’t wake up from. My husband assures me though that everything will get better since we now have our apartments and are not living on the streets, thank goodness for that! One important thing that I learned from this, is to stay positive. Just because something doesnt work out the way you expect doesnt mean it is a bad thing. All it means is that you have to alter your plans and be flexible, which I believe that we should all learn that ability.

Say even though something seems like it is a nightmare, eventually it will end and things will get better. All we have to do is remain positive and don’t be so pessimistic.