Never There by Secret Heart Doctor

As patients sometimes hid his condition consult your doctor and answered all fine. But there are 5 things that should not be withheld in patients with heart doctor.

“There are many reasons that make the patient does not provide information honestly about themselves, sometimes they are embarrassed, sometimes can not afford the medication or may fear the doctor would be angry,” said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, director of the Women’s Heart Program at New York University, as quoted by CNN Friday (18/02/2011).

However, heart experts said could have been a particular concern can be fatal if not notified. Here are 5 secrets that should not be hidden in the heart doctor is:

1. Taking vitamins, supplements or other herbal medicines
Alternative and herbal medicine can indeed help a person cope with chronic conditions, but heart experts warned not to drink carelessly. This is because there are certain supplements that can cause a serious risk for people who are known to consume drugs for heart disease.

2. If a test with another doctor
Patients sometimes embarrassed to admit that he received a second opinion or additional inspection test. This is of course to get better health care. If indeed undergo additional tests such as blood tests, ECG, echocardiogram or angiogram, then the results should be taken during the visit so the physician can understand the actual conditions and maximize treatment.

3. If you forget to take medication
Golberg says patients usually lie on medication for blood pressure or cholesterol. And if someone claims still taking the drug but the results of blood pressure or cholesterol is not good, it could have been a doctor will prescribe a higher dose. This can be very risky and cause problems.

4. Lying about conditions of life
Some conditions such as stress or trauma of life, death, layoff or divorce can make the body reproduces the excess adrenaline that can stimulate the heart rate and experience palpitations (feeling uncomfortable because of heart palpitations). To that should not conceal the conditions of life that can threaten health that a doctor can monitor more closely.

5. To say that his condition was fine
Everyone wants to look fine, so would say that he did exercise program and eating healthy foods, but it’s not. Though this condition does not necessarily create increased heart health. Because if someone said he did not experience chest pain and then perform a variety of physical activity can actually harm the heart.

For that to get the patient does not lie with his condition, seek a doctor who has a good working relationship, trustworthy and willing to listen. This will make the patient easier to open and honest.