New Shoes, Tips For Breaking Them In And Making Them Comfortable

We love new shoes, but sometimes those shoes do not love us back, giving us high priced foot pain instead. You can break in those new shoes and make them comfortable with these tips.

Breaking in a shoe means it should start out comfortable and get more comfortable the more you wear them. We mistakenly buy new shoes that hurt our feet from the moment we try them on, but buy them anyway, thinking that after we wear them a while and break them, all will feel good. Wrong. If a pair of new shoes start out hurting your feet, chance are they will continue to hurt every time you wear them.

When you buy new shoes, start out wearing them on a day when you won’t be walking much. Walking all day on blistered feet because your new shoes rubbed blisters on your feet within the first hour of wearing them is no fun, to say the least.

If your new shoes have a problem area on the inside, like a rough spot caused by a shoe seam or shoe edge, there area couple of tricks you can do to make those areas more comfortable. You can use an ordinary emery board to file down any rough edges or seams inside the new shoes, or you can rub a white candle against the rough spots. The wax from the candle will soften the rough edges and make the new shoes more comfortable to wear.

There are some shoe repair shops that specialize in shoe modification and can modify or stretch your new shoes to more comfortable fit your feet. People with foot growths or other foot structural issues can have shoes re-crafted to their specific foot needs.