New Styles of Love

Eros, this is when some people experience love withintimacyand intensity, and is quite passionate when with someone. A love in this way is with strong emotional sexual component, a person that does this wants to idealise their partners, a romantic, and passionate person is best described, because the start of a newrelationshipoften begins this way.

Ludus, this kind of love is played on a person’s emotions, by gaining control and being manipulative. If a person experiences love like this it having control over ones life, by lying and cheating and doing whatever ispossibleto gain the attention of that person

Storge, a slow and gradual love for some people, you get to know your partner before having intense feelings. This takes time and needs time for the real emotions to arise and connect to ones mind. Sometimes people fall in lone with their friends with this kind of love

Agape, a kind of love for care giving taking care of an ill person, and showing affection and care. A nurturing love for someone close to you a family member or friend.

Mania, love that is overwhelming, an impulsive and needy love.

Love is for every one and how you see it is entirely up to you