New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Every New Year brings a new beginning and a fresh chance to improve the future. Especially, with regards to our self, we have the ability to grow and adapt, augmenting and advancing our state of being every year. Weather your goals are academic or commercial. For the home or at work. Making a “resolution” simply means “a firm decision” and having “determination” with your goal orientated plans. New Year resolutions help us to stop looking at the past and move forward into the future. Here are some ideas for a healthier you.

1. Weight loss. After the holidays we might have picked up a few extra pounds. There are many ways to diet and not always to eat less but more of the right kind of foods. The Alkaline-Acid Diet is very good and is simply eating more fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating more fish and less red meat. Eating slower helps you to eat less portions, your not in a race, and your body will feel full but not bloated. Drink more water, it has no sugar or calories. Keeping a diet schedule is more mental than anything. Attitude is important. Constantly remembering what your goal is. This is your gift to yourself. To make a new you. How many pounds do you want to lose? 10? 20? 30? Weigh yourself often, and monitor that keeping your goal in mind. Walk more and ride less. Walking helps to digest the food and is very good for the cardiovascular system. So don’t just eat right, eat better. An apple a day just might keep that Doctor away.

2. Feng Shui. Redecorate your house or rearrange your furniture. Change or improve your surroundings with a more calmer and natural setting. This ancient Chinese philosophy can help us with arrangement, placement, and color of our living and work space. Living in harmony is the goal here. With the New Year gives us a chance to uncluttered our environment, bring back a well-balance atmosphere and making a more comfortable place to live in.

3. Change your thinking. Be bolder, be nicer, and be kinder. Dare to be different. Have more of an open-mind and not a close-mind. Change the way you look at something and the way you look at it changes. Have more patience, understanding, and empathy toward other people. Think good thoughts. Think beyond yourself and realize that we’re all connected. Everybody is important and essential.

4. Make new friends and embrace the old ones. Enjoy your similarities and the differences. Let others know that you are there for them when they need help. Listen more and talk less. Encourage others with their dreams and goals, friends support one another. Greet them warmly and let them know you care about them. For a friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendships can last a life time and give so much joy. So nourish them and cultivate friendship with love and understanding.

5. Exercising. Going to the gym is common if you can motive yourself to get there. Staying fit doesn’t have to be too hard. If you can make it to the Gym using their exercising equipment is fine, but you can still do a good workout at home. You can workout while watching TV or playing music for 20 minutes. Working on the cardio is key. While inside use a chair, a broom, small weights, apply Yoga techniques, walking, running, and bicycling, when outside. Workout with family and friends for fun and support.

6. Recycle. Go green. Be more environmentally friendly. Walk don’t ride. Make a cleaner you and a cleaner world. Tips for going green are all over the internet. Web sites like always has the latest information. Recycling is good for the Earth and everybody benefits.

7. Read more. With today’s technology and computers in every home, no one reads the paper anymore. But books have been around for thousands of years and still hold a tome of treasure and enjoyment in them. So put down the iphone with it’s small screen and read text that is large and easy to read, easily available with less search time, and something that can’t be loss on accidental deletion. Grab a book, magazine, newspaper or your favorite journal and sit back and relax, and start reading.

8. Quit the bad stuff. Stop all the hurtful things in your life that are holding you back. This can manifest itself as a person, place or thing. Stop being in a difficult relationship. Stop smoking. Stop drinking. Stop using or abusing drugs. Break bad habits. Stop procrastinating. Send them out the door and start a new life without them.

9. Deal with debt. When bills pile up for lack of funds. This can create worry and stress. Dealing with debt as soon as possible is key because debt doesn’t just go away on its own. Getting a handle on finances and setting goals to fix, payoff, or adjust debt so it doesn’t rule your life. Look at all options and chose what’s best for your situation. Look at debt only as a temporary setback to where you want to be.

10. Make the time. For yourself, family, and friends. Get closer to people in your life. Plan that getaway together or party. Plan ahead to visit them. Make plans for two or one or the whole family. Spending time alone with them is important and healthy. Weather traveling or just staying home is good when everyone is engaged in a group gathering. Married couples and singles can find that alone time with their special someone and spark up the romance again. Live life to the fullest and be happy.

The best New Year’s resolution ideas are the simplest ones and most obtainable ones. Start with good ideas for improvement and goals that can be reached realistically. Don’t overpower yourself with impossible goals, make small and gradual changes that you can do. Write a “to do” list of dreams and goals for the new year. Set time frames on when goals should be met and completed. Get in the habit of this and start accomplishing set goals and plans that you need to complete for this year, and the next year, and so on. Soon you’ll discover that your finally reaching all that you have set out to do and creating the life that you really want.