Ninja Saga Jounin Exam Part I

Welcome to the exam if you are reading you are already in level 40 where you would take another exam, jounin exam as they call it. We will be talking about the first part; this would be the easiest part of the five part exam to become a full pledge jounin. 

Have you still remembered the first part in chunin exam? In jounin exams it would be a bit different, this part you should have a great memory, great not good because the test is about memorization of hand seals in a limited time only. There would be ten different sets of hand seals to be remembered it would star form two hand seals up to ten hand seals which is the part that you will have to use every choices given.

Now here is how to pass the exam without breaking a sweat with a little bit of ingenuity. You just have to copy and paste. Do you know where the print screen is located in your keyboard? That would be the key in succeeding in the exam. During the exam you should open the paint option located in your accessories, this you would paste the printed image after pressing the “print screen button” on your keyboard. When you reach the part of the exam that you could not memorize it all use this tip. In any case that you could not find or don’t know the “print screen button” a cell phone with camera or a digital camera would be effective as well.

In entering the hand sign just be careful because you could only afford three mistakes before you fail the exam. With the helpful tips you have I’m sure you would pass it easily. Enjoy playing.