Not Abusing Drugs

Drugs, is essentially a poison, let alone a hard drug classes. Therefore, the drug 

should not be taken carelessly. Consciously or unconsciously, parents often do i 

din alone treatment for themselves or for the child. Thus, they act and think like 

a doctor. If the pattern of thought, analysis, and we act as parents in giving 

medicine to a child’s right, no problem. However, if not exact, this is annoying. 

Sick children can not recover or even worse. In addition to its own may not 

provide treatment for children, parents must also teach the child to take 

medication on a regular basis as recommended by your doctor. Should not go around 

taking the drug. Of course, for mild cases, children suffered minor injuries such 

as falls, parents can provide appropriate therapy with iodine or betadine him. Or, 

when the child is heat / fever, we can deliver drugs to a child down the heat as 

we know it.

Even so, there is a simple benchmark of the sick ‘hot’ are common in children. If 

the child had a fever / fever, we can provide the heat down a drug we used to 

know. The important thing is read the rules so that no excessive wear in the 

bearing. But it must be noted, that for 2 or 3 days heat up the child down or no 

down-down, then immediately take it to the doctor for further examination, 

including laboratory tests of blood because of the possibility of children suffer 

from more serious diseases on the organ in the body, such as symptoms of typhoid, 

tonsillitis, flu, or even attacked by smallpox.

Parents who do not care or dare to treat her son with his own thought patterns, 

can lead children into dangerous situations. For example, it gives off heat 

medication, even at a dose twice as hot her son did not go down and down because 

he attacked tiptts.Yang actually happened is summer a child instead of down, but 

instead have high heat rise abruptly called ‘breaktrough fever ‘(usually happens 

at night). Why does this happen? Because the drugs down the heat just symptomatic 

medication, meaning that as relieving the symptoms, rather than as a reliever 

medication causes. So, if the cause of sick children is typhoid (in this case is 

Hosah salmonella germs), then the cure is antibiotics such as chloramphenicol. 

Germs are not perfectly resolved with antibiotics continue to produce toxin-toxins 

(poisons), piling up so that one day lead to the high heat rise suddenly.

Then, on taking medication regularly and correctly. Say a man named Lulu, 11, are 

sick with the flu coughs colds, doctors gave him the following drugs:

– Amoxicillin 250 mg 10 tablets, 1 tablet 3 times daily as an antibiotic.

– Bodrexin (80 mg acetylsalicylic acid, glycine 40 mg) 10 tablets, 1 tablet 3 

times daily as a medicine for fever and flu.

– OBH (Cough Black) 1 bottle, 3 x daily 1 teaspoon, as sputum or carminativum 


– Vitamin C 250 mg, 1 1/2-1 tablet twice daily, to help speed healing and increase 


Teach children to take these medications regularly and correctly, as recommended 

by your doctor. Because, what often happens is (either adult or child), a new 

medication a few times, then the pain becomes much reduced and the body feels 

good, so they are sure to continue taking the medicine, especially antibiotics 

which is a hard drug classes. Drugs such as Bodrexin, OBH or vit. C, taken 

somewhat irregular (the origin is not inconsequential) still does nothing, meaning 

no harm. So, if Lulu Bodrexin stop taking the medication when body heat is off, no 

problem. Forgot to take vit. C was two days later, also does not matter (because 

no matter what his endurance aided by daily food intake). OBH is also somewhat 

forgotten-forgotten drink, still no harm. However, for antibiotics, tidal no 

choice. This drug must be taken regularly and until they run out, except in case 

of allergies. The problem is different. Drug should be stopped.

Say, the new Lulu to take his medication for 3 times and his body is feeling a lot 

better and the disease is greatly reduced. Begin taking antibiotikanya forget 

Lulu. Or his parents forgot control Lulu to take his medication regularly. Later, 

Lulu back pain cough. Parents who see the rest of the drug in the past (ie the 

remaining 7 amoxicillin 500 mg tablet), will give it to treat Lulu. However, what 

happens? Sembuhkah cough medicine Lulu with the rest of that? Very probably not. 

At the very least, the cough is now becoming difficult to heal. Of course, parents 

Lulu will be back soon took him to the doctor, accompanied by captions, “Doc, it’s 

not the cough heal, whereas untreated drug use from doctors who know that time 

(while showing the former packs amoxicillin).” The doctor tends to prescribe other 

antibiotics gencrasinya newer, broader spectrum and more expensive. Say makrolidum 

group, given 10 tablets.

Lulu back with sloppy medicine. The new medication three times, his body feels 

good and the disease can be mild, he (and also their parents) start forgetting 

again to spend antibiotikanya drugs. Several months later, Lulu back a cough. ° 

Lulu old now to do the same again, by giving seven classes of antibiotics tablets 

makrolidum the tidal residual (spent earlier. Is coughing Lulu of being cured? 

Likely, it is not. Cough or difficult Lulu did not recover. When he returned to 

the doctor with the express terms the same as before, then the doctor can give 

medicine Lulu antibitotika newer, more sophisticated, and more expensive, say from 

the class of ciprofloxacin, cephalosporins, and so forth.

What exactly happens when we take antibiotics it that way? Apparently, the 

antibiotic medication that is not spent will not be perfect cause germs are killed 

perfectly. Germs are not dead will create a mechanism of resistance or immunity to 

a variety of ways. Can be an antidote to the road makes an enzyme, or through 

genetic mechanisms. As a result, germs can beat antibiotics of the same type 

(which has been known) that has been given previously. If the patterns continue 

taking this medication, then over time, Lulu suffered cough becomes increasingly 

difficult to heal because there is no longer a drug that can cure. Not to mention 

the doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics continue growing louder and louder 

power killed him, the more broad-spectrum treatment, the more expensive, as well 

as the greater the side effects. So the next day, Lulu drug toxicity could be 


Lulu was sick cough can be sustained into a chronic cough for years, not something 

trivial anymore. Germs from a cough illness had been able to migrate into the ear 

causing conductive deafness. If you cross into the sinus cavity, the bacteria will 

lead to sinusitis, which can cause a sentrap sentrap Lulu because pileknya not 

stop. This can happen because there is unity among the pathway in the ears – nose 

– throat. Disturbance in one of the last will easily walk to the other. Add the 

problem right?