Now You Can Create Change in The Shortest Time Possible

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As each of us expands in our own understanding and consciousness, that growing level of awareness raises the level for everybody on the planet. The trick lies in how to open up to your true identity and inner power so that you can live from the heart without losing your mind, right?

The Focused Intention Technique process, also known as FIT is a simple technique consisting of questions which take you into your “feeling body”, the part of you guided by heart centered consciousness. This is where your personal truth strives to harmonize with the divine. When we choose to create feelings of love and compassion in our lives, we can feel this energy radiate from our heart and outward into the world. We feel supported and connected by all that is. Our bodies feel lighter and at peace. When those feelings are not apparent in our life, we know without a doubt that we are out of alignment with heart centeredness.

FIT is a tool or language that can be used to communicate with the part of ourselves that is subconscious. Opening up to Higher Truth requires the ability to speak to the part of ourselves which governs our actions and our attractions. If you’re not attracting the life you want to create, you can use FIT to recognize where you are limiting yourself based on your belief system. With each belief you change, you break out of rigid structures and beliefs no longer appropriate to birth a new you, more aligned with your truth and power.

Your consciousness always seeks to express itself in ways that are aligned with the totality of your being. When you practice inner awareness and honor the voice of Spirit within, you evolve; when you suppress it out of fear or some such emotion, you devolve.

Our senses are constantly bombarded by information from our subconscious mind but do you ever fin it challenging to hear or understand what is being communicated? With FIT you can create the awareness of your vibration and train yourself to understand the energetic dialogue. It is our authentic nature to be happy and joyful, to feel abundance and harmony in our lives. Whenever you realize you are out of alignment with those feelings, you can use the FIT process to discover the core beliefs which need to be transformed in order to bring your energetic body into balance with Source energy.

With FIT you can start the dialogue by connecting with the wisdom of your body and listening to what is being expressed. The questions are simple and take you deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. The process invites you to listen to your body and hear/see/feel what is not working for you. Once you’re aware of your limiting belief/issue, you can then change your perspective and move yourself from the darkness to the light. You are inviting the disowned part of yourself to join the whole of you by transforming the belief with resource states. These states are voiced by the subconscious because it knows what it needs to move forward and continue to evolve.

Throughout the process you become aware of how you made decisions based on your perspective at the time of an event or series of events. FIT allows us to build an infrastructure of personal power and truth necessary for the foundation of manifesting our desires. Each time we transform a limiting belief at its core, we grow stronger and more grounded in our everyday reality. We begin to see the law of attraction work in ways we barely imagined. Life becomes easier; there is less struggle and more room for allowing. We realize our sense of control is a false sense of security. We understand that we have a common theme transcending all aspects of our lives. Once we are aware of our theme, we can make better choices in alignment with our authentic self.

FIT is a gentle yet very powerful way of transcending into our subconscious to transform the obstacles sabotaging our journey to ‘lightness’. FIT assists in reminding you that infinite viewpoints exist and if you continue to transform ideas or beliefs limiting your potential you can create the life you desire. Every time you use FIT on yourself or with a client, an energetic shift occurs. Even if your conscious mind is not aware, your subconscious mind lets you know by the way you feel. You feel lighter and more liberated.

The greatest impact FIT has on the world is that this process easily and magically allows us to temporarily drop from mind to heart-to take us to a place of feeling. We are reminded of how we are all energetically connected and if we each focus on how to heal our own bodies; we heal each other at the same time