Nurture Yourself

A friend once told me that there is always that one person that would always be there and never ever leaves. There is that one person with a heart that beats only for me. That very moment, I thought she’s talking about herself like she’s kind of reminding me that no matter what happens, she’ll always be my best friend and that she cares for me so much or maybe she’s talking about some guy who might be my admirer. I was about to smile when she throw the punch line right to my face. “THAT PERSON IS YOU”. I was a bit stunned and embarrassed because I jumped into conclusions that are way different. However, I continued to smile for the realization she just feed me.

            At first, one would think that that friend of mine was probably joking; saying things like this person will never leave you. Of course, how could you leave your own body? Unless I’d go out of my mind or if I’d be dead, that would be the time I’d leave, right? That’s the realization that struck me like bulls eye. We need to take a break and give at least enough time to take care of ourselves. Although we know that it’s undeniable that we like to think that we are strong enough and capable of doing anything and that we belong to a bunch of people like Justice League, a body of steel, strength of ten people, speed of as fast as the light, with the ability to shoot fire from our eyes but the fact is we are not and we will never will be. We can’t do bunch of things all at the same time. We can’t care about everything. Friends. Families. Spouses. Children. Works. Pets. Works. Studies. How can we care about everything when we don’t even give time caring about our own? Consider these questions. Who’s there when friends move away? Who’s there when you’re having a bad day? Who hears your thoughts and know them all? There’s no one else but you. It’s always you. Your self.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re alone or you don’t have company. There are people around you who really care about you but before they do, they nurture their selves first. You can’t keep on depending on to others who care for you. You should do the same to them and that’s by taking care of yourself first. Nurture yourself too. You’re worth it. A short period of time spending is not a big loss to the things that are going on your mind. A ten minutes meditation or prayer won’t slow you down on your work. A three minutes sing-along to a favorite song won’t be a waste of time. Taking a relaxing walk would help you physically. Treating yourself into a weekend vacation is an option. There are many ways to nurture one self. These ways definitely helps you loosen up. We have to accept the fact we are not superheroes with superpowers. We grow old and weary and it nurturing ourselves help us recharge from time to time.