Occult Powers, Spirits And Esp

There are certain phenomena that cannot be explained by science and logic. These phenomena center on beliefs and faith and I dare say cannot stand the test of a scientific investigation. But this does not mean that these occurrences are not manifested.

As a young man my maternal grand father related me an exciting tale. He told me he knew a tailor in Ferozepur who had uncanny ESP and occult powers. He told my father that he had met a ‘chela’ a man with occult powers God who divulged to him a secret mantra.He was told to recite the Mantra by sitting on a wooden plank across a deep well full of water every night at 12 pm

The tailor was entrusted with the task to recite the mantra for 40 night’s.The Chela told him that at the end of that period he would be blessed with occult powers. Dutifully the tailor recited the mantra sitting every night on the plank placed across the well. On the 40th night the tailor confessed that the water in the well started rising up and slowly it reached his legs and soon began to inch forward towards his head. In some time the water had covered the tailors head. The man however kept his nerve and then suddenly the water went down and a voice told him that he had the super power.

As a proof of the power the tailor asked that a large tree nearby be uprooted and dutifully a terrific gale occurred and the tree was uprooted and fell on the side. The tale may or may not be believed but there is no reason for my grandfather to lie for nothing, so I am apt to believe it.

This shows that there are certain mantras which if recited can give you powers. Generally such men come in contact with the spirit world and develop occult powers.There are many such men who have developed these powers. But this shows that there is a spirit world and one can be in contact with that world generally through a medium.

The case of Ruth Montgomery is also worth examining.This lady who was a press reporter along with 6 US presidents had developed powers of a medium and could contact the spirit world. In fact she claimed that all her books were written by spirits who dictated these books to her. These books make excellent reading and give a glimpse of life after death.

Occult powers are generally related to evil spirits. These are those spirits that have not been able to enter the spirit world and are doomed for some time to remain in this world. These spirits can bring about dire retribution in case they are disturbed. Generally these spirits have done some grave wrong in society and suffer for that reason.

Occult powers, ghosts and evil spirits are not something that does not exist. The only thing is that so far we do not have the where withal to study these things. Maybe in due course of time this frontier will also be opened or may be not, if God does not will it. For all said and done the entire chemistry of the supernatural is controlled by god.