Of Modern Technology Does Not Defeat The Pencil

Computer and internet and mobile phone messages failed to threaten the future of pencils, and everything role.

Says Anton Wolfgang Graf von Faber – Castell, President of the German Foundation for the manufacture of tools written by the same name, that regardless of the Internet and mobile phone messages and computers that can be carried in one hand, the pencils are still modest in front of the future.

He says the President of family company which this year celebrates 240 years anniversary of its founding, “everything that role without replacing another place.” He adds, “We believe that the pencil is the nucleus of creative effort.”

In spite of this, the company Faber – Castell still must respond to changing market by offering innovative products continuously. Says Graf von Faber – Castell, “we must gradually reduce our dependence on the stationery sector.”

And indicates the President of Faber – Castell The demand for tools written in becoming a recession in the industrialized countries, and that the industry is facing great pressure from competitors in the Asian countries on the prices.

The Foundation for the Study of Nuremberg market sales of high-quality pens had fallen by 45 percent in the period from 1995 to 2000. During this period, the number of pens were sold in Germany $ 340.000 Registry.

Says Graf von Faber – Castell that the company is preparing for a shift towards more market creative tools such as crayons and tools used in the formation of hobbies for adults and children alike.

The company last year purchased the company “Kritiefitte for Kids,” the U.S. for the manufacture of paint tools and others to ensure the provision of base growth for new products that you intend to put forward. The company is located Kritefitte seventieth, which includes employees in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

The company produces Faber – Castell 1.8 million crayon pencil pen and pencil plain annually, making it the largest manufacturing wooden pencils in the world.

The company produces two thousand different product. The company suffered a setback in 1999 when the company’s turnover fell to 505 million marks ($ 219 million), down 6.4 percent due to a sharp decrease in the value of the Brazilian currency. But since then, the company saw an improvement in sales. But since then the company began to flourish again, in the last fiscal year, 2000/2001 the company has “easily” to overcome the volume of sales that was designed to achieve and a DM 600 million (the equivalent of $ 260 million), which is regarded as a increase the average sales in this industry.

And check the company Faber – Castell eighty per cent of its sales outside Germany. The pencils and crayons third of all sales company, while the Pens are the eyes and determine the shading of the eyelids and lipstick and other cosmetics companies luxurious produced by the company 12 percent of sales. The company has 15 locations productive in different parts of the world.