One Girl’s Prom Ensemble Sparked Social Media Outrage, You Won’t Believe How She Responds


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The day was planned to be magical for this young woman. Just like everyone her age, she was eagerly waiting for her prom night. But, she didn’t know how she would end up being tortured because of it.

You won’t believe this story.


This young woman was as excited for her prom as ever. It was just a few weeks away. Everything has already been planned. She had prepped up her dress, found a date, rented a limo – but, she had no idea there was a tornado of angry Chinese about to head her way.


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Same as everyone else in her high school, this young woman named Keziah Daum got this stunning dress. The crimson and gold dress was inspired from the Asian culture and it look amazing on her. She was proud of the dress and knew she’d be the prettiest girl there. Things have been doing well till she did the extremely predictable thing; she posted a picture on Twitter.

And that is where things went downwards.


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Apparently, there’s some sort of sacred stuff linking this dress to the Chinese culture. It is called the Cheongsam Dress and that is why Keziah’s amazing prom dress was about to put a bingo on her back. To say that she got bashed on Twitter would be a huge understatement. The tweet above is just one of the hundreds.


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Asians were calling out Keziah for cultural appropriation. The term means a dominant culture replicating the elements of the minority to either pose as one of them or insult their culture.

A white woman wearing a Chinese garment was a call for arms for the Chinese folks living in America. Even though the woman’s intention doesn’t have anything to do to any of the accusations thrown at her.


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You’re probably wondering, “It’s a dress. What’s wrong with Keziah wearing it?” Apparently, a white girl wearing this Asian dress is considered an insult to the Chinese heritage and culture. Keziah had no idea about this prior to posting that tweet and didn’t mean to insult anyone. But, Twitter is full of pretty ruthless people void to reason…


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The history behind the dress isn’t the reason the Chinese felt offended. It was just Keziah’s culture that resulted in her getting insulted. An Indian or a Japanese or someone else probably wouldn’t have gotten destroyed through tweets. Let’s talk a bit about why people were offended at an American wearing this dress.


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It all started back in the 1800s when the United States started the construction for the Transcontinental Railroad. This was a huge project and instead of hiring Americans at reasonable rates, the barons hired desperate Chinese at extremely low salaries. What’s worse was that the Chinese were treated really badly. The racism towards them was so bad that it’s left a bad taste in the Chinese’s mouth to this day.


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Most people love their fifteen minutes of fame after going viral on social media. But, Keziah hated every second of it. Eventually, the media would also pick up on this and debated whether her intention was cruel or if she just bought a cute dress.


From everything the woman has said to defend herself, it was obvious that she was just attempting to look unique on her prom. Everyone was going to wear the cliche black dresses, but she went out of her way to stand out. You can’t call her out for trying to be the center of attention as she’s just a girl that bought a pretty dress. It suits her and there’s no reason to bash her because of it.



Keziah thought that she had the right to defend herself and she did, to be honest. She took to her twitter account to elaborate her true intentions and she was pissed. She clearly said, “It’s a f**king dress”. And, she’s right. It’s not like she stepped on the Chinese flag or disgraced their religion or something. In my opinion, people just overreacted.



There were some Chinese people that also agreed with me. This particular user David Choi went on record that complimented her on the look and said that the dress has a notorious history and even though he doesn’t blame Keziah, she should definitely learn from this experience.


It would be an understatement to say that the public spoke out on this dress. Keziah continued to plead her innocence and in my personal opinion, if someone did want to disrespect the culture, they wouldn’t go to such lengths to say that they aren’t doing so. I think we can let the poor girl go this time. But, if she does this again, feel free to rip her hair out. I won’t complain.