Online Money Guru – Blogging for a Living at Blogspot


Blogging is one of many ways to make money online. The popularity of writing blog post can perhaps be attributed to the free-flowing system which means that you can write/post anything from photos, poems, videos, drawings — in short almost anything worth posting.

For those of you who are new to blogging and wants to make money out of it. I recommend offers free blog hosting, the simplicity of blogspot makes it one of the most, if not the most popular blog hosting website in all of blogosphere.

You can access blogspot through your own Google account so that’s another plus factor.

What I like with the site is its user-friendly resources that shine in comparison with the complicated blogs which I often see in those budding commercialized blogs nowadays.

Administration and maintenance of blogspot blogs are just a piece of cake. You can arrange your blog by clicking, double-clicking, dragging and dropping which proves to be easy even for those computer newbies.

Blogspot also allows you to create multiple blogs that adds up your earning potentials. Well, talk about earnings, Blogspot shares a portion of its advertising revenue with its bloggers.

Most of the time, you can monetize your blog by allowing ad banners to be put in your blog site. Once those banners are clicked, peanuts (a few cents) will be added into your adsense account.

Earning wise, it’ll take time but consistent solid contributions can increase the traffic the site gets and well, that means more readers, more clicks, more peanuts and yes, more money.

In a ten-star earning/rating system. I’ll give it a six.