Online Paid Survey Sites: Are They Scams?

Now I feel confident in emphatically declaring that identifying those scam sites is very easily achieved. There is an incredible amount of helpful information available to help not only me, but all of us, avoid the scammers. We just need a little help to know where to find it.

I started with a process of elimination.

First: Dismiss sites that ask for a fee. Without exception, membership to legitimate Online Survey Panels is free. In fact, most will offer you some form of incentive to join – usually entry in a sweepstakes/prize draw or the like.

Second: Establish that the site is in fact an Online Survey Panel. Some sites purporting to provide paid surveys are simply survey databases or “facilitators”. They simply provide a list of actual survey sites, while passing on your email address and other details to marketing outlets.

At this stage, nearly all of the absolute scammers have been eliminated. However, there is still a way to go because some of the remaining are “wanna be’s” – want to be legitimate Online Paying Survey Sites, but just do not have the clientele. If they do not have the clients (businesses requiring market research), their Panel members do not get enough surveys. Therefore, it takes forever (exaggeration) to accumulate the dollars/points required to reach the payout threshold.

All hints of scam sites should be behind us now, but our quest for quality paying sites can be further refined. Reward for effort is the final part of the equation. Whether the incentive offered is cash (check or PayPal), Gift Cards, or Online Store Vouchers, an “hourly rate” can be applied. This can vary from as little as 50 cents on some miserly sites to $15 or more on the top sites.

Now – the $64 question – “How do I find the best, legitimate, reputable sites?” I managed to, over time, with the help of search engines, reviews, blogs, SurveyPolice, and eventually Bukisa (this site). However, now is the time to reveal a “Home Truth.” I can assist you in eliminating the scammers and finding legitimate sites, but I cannot speak with authority when it comes to which of these sites will work for you.

By work for you, I mean send you plenty of email invitations you qualify for and are paid a reasonable reward for completing. And the reason I cannot tell you which sites will do this for you – your demographic. Statistical facts such as your age, sex, location, marital status, occupation, kids, even the appliances you own and the level of your household income.

However, this article is about avoiding the scam survey sites and joining the legitimate ones. Once you have achieved that with the help of Bukisa articles and Survey Police, a couple of months experience with the Panels you do join will give you a reasonable idea of the ones compatible with your profile.

So how can Bukisa and SurveyPolice help?  (this site) can help because there are many articles you can access, written by Bukisa members who are members of Online Survey Panels, giving you the names of the legitimate, reputable sites that do pay up.  is a free site that rates survey sites based on members reviews and exposes any scam sites they come across.

Add both to your Favorites. Bukisa articles will go even further, for starters click on “More from DAVEID“ below. Also, if you have a particular query, feel free to use the “Comments” space and I will endeavor to help you.

Just bear in mind, even if you do everything right, being an online survey taker will never be a full time occupation. Nevertheless, you can earn about US$2000 a year to pay a few bills if you use your survey time wisely.