Online Translation Tools Facilitate Plagiarism

I was not aware of this fact until somebody drew my attention towards it in a forum post in a writing site. I tested it myself and found that the claims are true. Only then I realised what kind of damages these kinds of things can make if used the wrong way.

Online Translation tools can be very helpful for understanding writings and texts of another language and it is great that the Internet provides such great asset for the use of everybody. Sadly this great thing is abused at times and used to plagiarize content on Internet on various writing sites as I found out recently.

After learning about this bit of damning fact I opened one of such sites and copy pasted one of my articles in the appropriate box. Next I translated it into a different language, say French. After getting the French translation of my article I copy pasted it again in the provided box and chose to convert it into English. To my surprise what came out was a totally new article with a few errors though. This can be done with articles of other languages as well. I mean to say if somebody has written an article in French then it can be very easily translated into English or Spanish and vice versa or in such innumerable conversion options.

Actually I used the free option; there are also some paid options that I believe would keep the errors at a minimum. But even if anyone uses the free option correcting those errors doesn’t take up much time, a round of spell check in MS-Word or similar kind of software would be enough to weed out most of the errors.

Thus in this way a new article is produced in about five to ten minutes and would be good enough for most sites to accept and with the amount of content available on Internet and number of language sites used once twisted like this it’d be very hard to detect. This is the practice or malpractice rather that is going on in several sites as I have found people complaining of these now I know how true they are. I don’t know what steps are the various writing sites taking to stop this but we the online writers should be aware of this alarming fact lest somebody posts our well-written researched articles on some other site and earns money out of it.

Plagiarism is a malaise on Internet and every honest writer should do whatever needs to be done to catch people doing that. So please beware of the ingenious forms of Plagiarism I talked about in this short piece of writing!