Oobama, Diwali And Narakasura

President Obama has reached India with a message of sharing. Diwali, the festival of lights, is slipping away from us leaving some sweet memories. But the cruel Narakasura of selfishness is still there alive roaming about all over the world. The Sanskrit word Naraka means ‘hell’ and Asura means ‘demon’. Terrorism is the modern demon and hell. The terrorism that the world is facing everyday is nothing but the incarnation of this selfishness of humanity.

Narakasura is still roaming about

It is quite fitting that Obama has come to India during Diwali which commemorates the victory over evil. It is certain that he should have been briefed by his aides that Diwali means Lord Krishna killed Narakasura and freed people from his terrorism. They might have also told another legend of this festival about Rama’s return to Ayodhya after the annihilation of the demons, freeing Sita from the clutches of Ravana. India, the largest democratic country that believes in Dharma, is fighting hard with all her might to free Mother Earth from the clutches of terrorism and welcomes all hands that can help her in this war of Dharma.

Terrorism is on the increase

Terrorism is the result of selfishness. It is the explicit sign of dissatisfaction of some selfish and jealousy minds that think that others should not flourish. India, in spite of all her inadequacies, is fighting hard to educate her children and to feed them at least thrice a day. But the selfish forces, even from her own country, are trying to foil her endeavors. They promote corruption and terrorism to gain something to their selfish interests. That is why we find the terrorism is still on the increase in and out the country.

Analyzing the conditions of countries around India can give some clear ideas about this. Terrorism is around us waiting to snatch away the flag of peace from this country.

In the recent years, staring with the 9/11 attack, many terrorist attacks have occurred in India. Bombay, where the President is staying at present, is still in the cruel clutches of these selfish fellows. The memories of Taj Hotel massacre have not yet left the minds of people.

Though President Obama has come on a business mission, he has to think of annihilating terrorism without which business cannot prosper. United States of America, as a powerful democratic country in the world, has the great responsibility of fighting with terrorism.

Let us hope

The United States of America has a large vision on democracy and a strong belief in Dharma. Let us hope that visit may help open the eyes of all benevolent people to look for the welfare of the whole world. I hope it will broaden the minds of business people to look also at the survival of the world in addition to the business motive aiming at the ‘tremendous market’ of India. Let both countries be benefited and make the whole world happier.

Diwali may come and go. Dignitaries of the world will also come and go. But what about these ‘Narakasuras’ still frightening every individual of the whole world?