Optimize Your Brain Power

It is the part of our brain that regulates judgment, planning, problem solving, decision making, moral reasoning – our sense of self. When it is out of whack, we are unable to plan ahead or make far-reaching decisions – unable to see the big picture.

Our thoughts affect us – our body & how we perceive our self – internally & externally, on the surface & deeply, in all areas & at all levels.

Step 1: MAKE CHANGES – change your attitude, change your energy, change your life If you don’t already do so, practice an attitude of gratitude. Many mistakenly believe that when “good” things come to pass that is the time to express gratitude. In truth, whatever the circumstance, if we are not open, appreciative or paying attention, how can we attract to us what is best for us?

Step 2: WAKE UP – be alert, be aware, be on purposeBe fully present in your life – it is important though to keep your vigilance relaxed, maintaining a wakeful mindfulness about you at all times. No need to be rigid or uptight about it – as that just creates blocks & cuts you off from being in harmony & in the flow. Balance is the key to making this work for you. Your consciousness & awareness need to be alert & aware to any possibility or opportunity that may present itself. At the same time, be open & allow this to unfold – let things bloom to fruition. Take the time to nurture & nourish, to inspect what you expect – rather than orchestrating or forcing an outcome.

Step 3: BE PASSIONATE – increase your zest for lifeFirst & foremost, acknowledge the power in you – never diminish yourself by arguing for your limitations. We are already experts at what does not work about us – now it’s time to honor & bless ourselves – warts & all! Our thoughts affect us in our cells & our energy level – we must embrace ALL of who we are in all our humanity – unconditionally. Then we can see ourself more clearly & honestly – without judgement or blame – so our passion is fully engaged, untainted & free. Leaving us to live a life fully energized, rejuvenated, relieved & vitalized!

* keep a journal – each day write down a minimum of 3 things you are grateful for
* fake it til you make it – on days when nothing can seem to work, imagine you are someone else that you admire & do what they would instead
* in every situation, ask yourself first – am I being a contribution or an aggravation?

Things You’ll Need:  self-awareness, vigilance, clarity, discipline