Optimizing the Performance of your Laptop and Personal Computers


The first thing you need to check is Startup Programs. As you add new software’s and programs they claim start-up status quickly and quietly, as you keep adding more programs that are loading at start up that is when windows is starting will make your computer slower and will take more time to get ready to use.

Here is simple way to fix this problem for windows operating system. Go to Startup and see how many programs are there. Remove the programs you do not want to execute when windows starts, or are not necessary, to be starting at boot-up.

To go on Startup click start and then run and type “msconfig” no quotes click ok and System configuration window is open, now click on Startup tab, you can see all the programs that load at boot-up. Uncheck the programs that you do not want to load on boot-up, press apply button and system will prompt you to restart the computer. Once you restart your computer you can feel the difference you gain in performance while your computer boots.

Another most commonly problem that causes your computer to run slowly is registry errors. The time that it takes or your computer to boot up as well as the total speed of your computer can be worsened by bad registry entries. When you add or removes programs to your computer, a lot of entries of data are left on computers hard drive registry, over a period of time this accumulates and causes the registry to become overloaded with unwanted data. This the most prominent cause for slow running, freezing and crashing problems.

 The Windows registry is the master control centre for your operating system and the applications it runs. Corruption or overload can cause: performance problems, including applications at start-up, slow windows start-up, extremely slow shut-downs and a general disruption of system processing.

To solve this problem you need to clean the registry of your computer’s operating system. It is vital that you choose a cleaning program that will rid your hard drive of the junk files, but also cleans the registry. By doing this your computer will run faster and more smoothly which means it is performing at its maximum efficiency. 

It is extremely important that you use the best cleaning program you can find. It is also important that the program you choose has technical support in case you need someone to help you.

There are lot of free registry cleaning utilities are available that can fix and removes the bad entries from your computer. One of them is “CCleaner”, CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system – allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space.

Once you have cleaned the registry of your computer, you can useit at its maximum performance.

Caution: before running the registry cleaning utility its strongly recommended that you should create a restore point for backup purpose.