Origin of Christianity


Christianity  as a religion just like  some people believe is as old as the first coming of Jesus Christ ,he was going around doing good even when faced with difficult situations .Little wonder he chose to come from a small town called Galillee, from the house of a small time  carpenter ;not furniture manufacturer . They were so poor that when Jesus  was born ,there was no money to foot the  hospital bills. Little jesus had  to share  a little space with animals in a manger .If he chose , he could have  come from  the house of  king Harold :the ruling king of that time


Jesus Christ healed the sick and did  lots of miracles ,dressed in his trade mark white garment .  He went around preaching peace and uplifment to the down trodden masses.   Not long after,  he fished out a lot of followers. Some were attracted to his teachings and some came because of his miracles while a little  number of others came to see if he would convert more water into wine. There were also others  who followed him around with some loaves of bread tucked away in there dresses waiting for  multiplication time.

One remarkable thing about his real   followers was the fact that wherever they went ,they carried the examplary life of Jesus Christ with them.  Some of these examplary life includes help for one another ,love for one another ,peace with their  neighbours not forgetting truthfullness.

At Anthioch,  a town in syria, many people marveled at such unity among this men including women.They were exasperated the way they  shared  things in common and helped one another . The  people of Anthioch confessed unanimously that this people act like christ ;they are christ like. This is how the word christianity came to be.They were not christ like because of there sparkling white robe ,of course any body that can afford soap could  be able to have a white robe. They were not called christ like because they have learnt  one or two parables from Jesus Christ. However, they were called Christ like because of there  Christ like actions and  wonderful relationships

Fast forward to christianity today ,many people group christianity as a religion especially when they are fiiling out forms.  Be that as it might, christainity is not a religion ,it is just a relationship .  your vertical relationship and your horizontal relationship .  Vertical relationship is between you and your God ,similarly   horizontal relationship is between you and other fellow human being. Any other thing apart from this   analogy  is mere window dressing .Christ demonstrated this when he was found associating without acrimony people of different crid,beliefs, tribes and nationalites.I think this is what christainity is all about.