Parenting: The value of playing with dolls for girls and boys

Children like realistic toys that resemble people and everyday objects, such as dolls, action figures, tool sets, and household items in addition to construction sets, painting, and musical toys. Both genders can learn skills from playing with kitchen sets, vehicles, fantasy figures, and video games. It is no accident if your son runs after you with his gun then . . . bang . . . bang . . . bang “I’ll shoot you! I’ll shoot you!

Doll playing helps children discover the world around them. If boys can learn and practice social skills with board games, tabletop games, and traditional games, doll playing can point to boys caring, sharing, and loving. The opportunity to play with toy dolls in colorful clothes and fun accessories opens the door to creativity and imagination.

Dolls for boys, like the happy looking dolls with five hands-on activities, is a teaching tool for developing vital skills like hand-eye coordination. According to research, toys with simple activities promote cognitive skills development. Toy dolls for boys with actions like basic dressing skills and finger counting makes learning rewarding.

Dolls may appear unconventional but it is a special tool to encourage the progress of essential life-skills. Parents, who have allowed dolls for boys in the playroom, confirm its value for creativity and imagination enrichment.

Doll playing also promotes role-playing regardless of gender, just like little boys play with toy guns. Pretend play with dolls or action figures teaches skills on how to resolve social conflicts and interpersonal skills that will be great tools in their adult life. Role-playing is a simple technique of repetition, and repetition encourages better language skills.

Why Encourage Dolls for Boys?

In our society, fathers contribute lengthy time to care for their babies and to do house chores. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to encourage activities that will help little boys develop model-parenting behavior like nurturing, upper hand, and involvement in family care.

The fear that a child becomes oriented toward assuming a female personality because of dolls for boys has no substantial data up to today. In fact, parents must not limit their boys to football if society demands for the new man to put into practice nurturing and caring.

Toys are excellent learning aid and parents should not split it by gender. Boys should have as much of an opportunity and fun as girls to play house, and care for dolls. Though some will quickly agree that doll playing is a small fraction of a child-playing environment, child psychologist believes that toy dolls for boys are here for a noble purpose-to encourage nurturing and responsibility.

By the time boys grow more logic and concentration, they are ready for toy mops and brooms on top of games with rules like matching games, board games, or word games.  In the meantime, let your boy cuddle a doll.  It is perfect to show children what is caring. Too much caution denies possibilities for minds to grow and be open to new things. One child toy is just as good as any other including dolls for boys.