Paris on a Budget

Get a Nice Hotel

There is a decent hotel in Paris on Rue Croix de Petite Champs called Hotel de Rouen, five minutes from the Louvre. It’s cheap, though the size of the room is quite small, but if you’re going to spend most of the day outdoors sightseeing, this might not be a bad deal, as you’ll need it only for sleep anyway.

Another recommendation would be the Hotel Andre Gill, which is free from traffic since it’s located in a practically dead-end street. It is near many clubs, cafes and bars. Considering this, it is also relatively cheap to stay there.

Absorb the City

A definite must-visit when you’re in Paris is the Rodin. Apart from being a neat place to absorb the elegance of Renaissance-era sculptures, there is also a sculpture garden at the back, where you can have a picnic and relax for a while. If the weather permits it, there is a chance that they’ll have Ferris wheels set up and some games. You can literally spend the entire day there.

Try out the Restaurants

We’re talking about Paris, where there is a boatload of restaurants. You can probably throw a stone blindfolded and hit one. There are some good Southern French cuisines to be had along the rue Mouffetard, which you’ll probably visit anyway. There is also a place not far behind Shakespeare & Co. which has good food and reasonable prices. If the weather is nice, make sure you picnic along the river with a bottle of wine.

Just Plain Enjoy

Many tourists get approached by beggars, madmen and snake-oil businessmen, but it’s perfectly acceptable to simply wave them off.  You’ll be able to wander through central Paris generally untouched.