Paths of the soul

Everyone wants to subject God to all kinds of tests. If you are one of those who believes in some other God, that’s fine. If you one of those people who believes in no God at all, that’s all well and good. And if you decide that Satan is your thing, or some other cult, then I feel for you. I have met all kinds of people in this country, that I found that people will follow whatever deity that fits their lifestyle. I mean, if you like to go to bars everyday and cuss and carry on fighting whoever get’s you in the mood for a fight, then your life is just being wasted. I am not a false Christian, I don’t bang peoples heads into the Bible’s scriptures, and push them into my opinions. Yes I go to church, and I volunteer once and awhile, but that does not get me a ticket to heaven. I do know if I follow Satan’s deception I will no doubt be subjected to evil thoughts and wrongdoings. I don’t like bully’s, and I don’t like to step on people to get up in the world. This world is under the control of Satan, and his followers (Demons). And people who just have to have more then the next man, then he will step upon his opponent and/or his family to do it. Why is it that money is the biggest destroyer of love and peace? Woman will do some crazy things to get it, and spend it. While her Husband will have to work harder so he can keep up with her spending sprees. And if she is a career woman, she will step all over her co-workers to stay on top. Men are another item. They are very methodical in how they run you over. They think they have a plan to knock out the opponent, but it usually backfires. There are three choices that we can make that controls what path we take, and what the rewards or punishments we will get. I have a theory about the three choices that the Bible has suggested, and those three are discussed here.

Number 1-

Living as Jesus did in his life, will get you a start. And following his path will get you what he promised you would get, being he was part of the Godhead, he would be able to promise these things of the Bible. When you died, you would be rewarded by your deeds, not sent to Hell for punishment. God punishes no people. If you done some bad things in your life, and even followed Satan for a good part of your life, as long as you repented and sinned no more, you would still be judged from that time on, till death.

Now Number 2-

If you followed Satan, and sold your soul to the Devil, you would be rewarded by the Devil, in Satan’s currency, which could be anything in this material world, money,fame,power,love,sex,gold, and even maybe longer life, but the fact is, you will still die and turn to dust, back to where you came. Without form, or soul. With Satan the only things he can give you is things of his world, which is anything in the now,death,bondage. He can not give you anything in the after-world but suffering and pain, because that is his path. You will probably be in Hell, as will he be. That’s is his reward for wanting to be equal in God’s power and glory. He was thrown down to earth, and he has the pit’s reservations waiting for him.

Now number 3

if you follow no God, you will have nothing, no promises, no life, no death, no rewards. You will have something you believe in……..Yourself, and if you think you can give yourself rewards after death then you are fooling yourself, in life. No matter how good you are here, your rewards are by faith, and you should know that if faith is the only thing that can save you, what do you have to lose if you have it or not.

So which path are you placing your faith?