Payday Loans for Everyone

If you qualify for a land base loan, most lenders will write a check out in your name on the premises.

Payday loans online have a series of steps. Some payday loans advertise offering payday loans up to $100 and the borrower only repays $110. In other words, you only pay $10 to borrow a loan amount of $100. This sounds fair, yet the deal is to lower new customers in the door and after they apply for the loan, accepted and so on, the price increases. Most payday lenders are outrageous, charging a fortune for payday loans.

If you do not need a loan, it is wise to avoid the loans. However, if you have emergencies, such as shut-off notices, bare cabinets, etc, thus taking out a loan might help you out for a moment. The loans are extended to your next paycheck, or else extended up to two weeks. Some lenders allot 18 days for reimbursements.

Once you fill out the application online, a lender will make contact with you. If you are applying online, the lender may contact via email and/or phone. Most reps online do not call, rather they send emails. Some payday lenders claim you do not have to fax any information to the company. However, many of the few that claim no faxing will request documents, such as bank statements and void checks, which they will ask you to fax. Once the docs are faxed over to the company and the information is verified, you may receive your payday loan amount in your direct deposit banking account. Most paydays lenders require that you have direct deposit capabilities.

The lenders claiming $10 per $100 will increase the rates of the loan, up to $30 per hundred. As you can see, payday lenders are out for the cash, rather than concerning over the customer already suffering in debt. Still, payday lenders are not the only ones taking advantage of consumers.

Rather banks charge overdrafts fees and late fees. Thus, if you write a check amount of $30 and your banking account does not have sufficient funds, the bank might charge you $31 for the overdraft and $5 per day the amount is not refunded back to your banking account. As you can see, bankers are greedier than the common payday lenders.

Utility providers are not much better. If you are late on your energy bill or gas bill, the utility company may send you a shut-off notice, and if you do not have the funds, you pay $50 or higher to have the utility reconnected. As you can see, there is no win in this greed-suffer-greed based world. Thus, if you have a close proximity on your banking account that could lead to bank overdrafts, payday loans might be in your best interest.

Shut-off notices; if possible borrow the money from a friend or family member. Otherwise, check your local area, since some areas have churches, or other sources that will pay keep your utilities going, avoiding disconnection. If you have low income this option is available to you.

It pays to check your resources and options. If you have options other than payday loans, it is wise to take advantage of those options, rather than increase debt. Sure it is ok to charge a small fee for lending money, however when someone charges $30 per $100, we have greed-greed-greed.

If you are applying for a payday loan online make, sure you understand the loans terms and conditions, as well as making sure the site is secured before giving any information. Few sites are risky, i.e. people are mimicking the payday loan sites, offering swindles that lure consumers in, and once they are in, they become the next identity theft victim. It pays to stay safe, especially when consider any type of loan. Staying safe can include conducting a background of the company.