Paysnork is a Scam .

hello everyone,
I’m here to warn you all of this paid to chat website called paysnork. Its a scam and he lies to you about earnings. When i first joined up to the site, I was chatting with the admin. I asked him about the earnings on there and he told me 0.01 for every 25 characters. So I send email to all my members of my sites about this site to join. At the end it was all lies. really its 0.0001 for 25 characters. Admin tries to fool you by telling you its .01 so you can join and burn all your refs. I had almost about 20 refs in there all active. And then i seen my account balance over $1.00 which looks like to me like is one dollar. so to make sure i wasn’t seeing things I asked mods about my $1 account balance and they turned to  me and said its 1 penny not a dollar. So i told them how can it be 1 cent I’ve been chatting for like 2 days and i have made alot of sentences over 25 characters long. they start to attack me right away by calling me name and suck. well basically trying to belittle me and tell me im wrong. I tell them i cant be wrong because admin told me so. and they just started to get worse and i was being attacked by all 4 of the mods on how stupid i am for asking dumb questions. even one mod threatened me that he was going to convince admin to ban me and take my earning away. well today jan. 12/11, they finally got they wish by scamming me from earning which was over 10 cents. and kicking me out every time i went in the site. until admin finally banned me. Its not the 10 cents who cares about that, 10 cents wont feed me or my family. its about how they abuse people and belittle the members that ask earning questions. Their motto is have fun and forget the earning. LOL. I was there for my earning and fun. Admin is a loser. and so is the mods there. One of the mods i think is bi polar one sec hes a friend and the next hes calling you every name in the book and if i call him a name its consider spamming. What a headache it is with these morons. And funny thing is when i was telling them in room that the site is a scam all the admins that were there at the time would tell me it pays 100%. So i put 2 in 2 together and thought he only pays his admins and close friends. I’m not his friend so he banned me, abused me, belittled me. MOds are allowed to say anything about you but you only can talk nice about them or else they will kick you out for talking trash about them. So consider this a warning this site is a scam.It robbed me and when i was getting robbed by this thief they all laughed because it was funny to them. let everyone know about this dumb a– admin thief. He need to be stopped. he is liar and so are the mods. Admin is scared of his own mods. the mods run the show in there. So spread the word about this doomed site. its already starting to fail anyways. i guess he needs the 10 cents more that i did. What a bunch of losers at paysnork. maybe it should of been call robmemberssnort.

thanks for listening all,

Now its February 18, 2011. I went to log in and look at what I got. I got banned and they still stole my money they suppose to pay me. They robbed me of my first payment of 5 cents. 5 cents was minimum withdraw when i first joined. And then for soem reason the admin thought he was doing me a favour, andfd I forgot about his first scam and let me back in. And now they scammed more again and banned me for good until I remove the scam posts. These idiots just don’t get it. I never got paid from the beginning when i joined and they still don’t pay me. And they threaten me, and try to bribe me to remove all my posts about them being thiefs. Hahahaha. I will remove them once I get paid in full. I know the admin don’t have money. he only pay the poeple who will help his cause and they are his friends and his loser mods. He only has maybe 2 mods who are fair the rest the take advantage of the mod position. Here are the links for the ban message giving me ultimatum to remove my scam posts abot paysnots, and the other is my second pay they robbed me of:

Take a look at how these morons scam. This site is no good, and i don’t think it will support itself. Admin is a tief and so are some of his mods. They think they all gangster and tough. I gues its all tough when you hide behind a computer.