Perfect Practice Rather Pratcice

Practice makes a man perfect?

Have you ever pondered what practice is it going to be beneficial in long run.

A practice which is negative to you performing perfectly will make you perfect in that

A student who failed in exam if he will repeat the same pattern of studying again perfectly

he will no doubt gain the same results over and over leaving him muddled and inferior

A practice which is in harmony with our goals and ambitions makes us perfect rather than 

using the same pattern over and over i.e the reason behind people who don’t get the results 

of the efforts invested in.

According to lord Mahavira there are 3 ways to be perfect in harmony with the Mind,Body and 

soul.The very first and basic step is self-control.Eating is the greatest obstacle to self control.

Begin with the practice of self control with Fasting.The secondly it relates to the is important to 

to train body one can start by acquiring good habits of gratitude,forgiveness and compassion.what we 

give out comes back to us in lot more times that is the law of nature and that is how it pays us for our 

every action.To begin with.the novice typist looks at each letter before they type it,but with practice,their fingers moves freely without necessity of looking at keyboard since the fingers are habitual to it like wise is our nature and deeds.what we think and act will take shape in our life.

your practice forgiveness today,show Tolerance,but quarrel and fight the next day forgive again and yet quarrel and fight this will not lead to attain the level of forgiveness.To cultivate any habit do it religiously  that is the second principle of body training,of resisting the body to bear pain and comfort.this state of indifference is the practice of 

yoga and meditation which will put your heart at rest.

The third principle of self control is the Solitude.there are two types of solitude one is the order of nature and the other is order of sadhana .our sexual notion originates from the center of energy and it is with the help of this center that man satisfy sexual desire.By living in seclusion, we can change it.