Personality Verses Behaviour

Personality is what you are. Behaviour is what you do!

That was rather to the point, to give it more consideration we should delve deeper and look at both words, firstly there follows four definitions of Personality then two of behaviour: – 

  1. Personality is a stable, consistent pattern of thoughts, motivations and emotions.
  2. The traits and characteristics of individuals that make up their individual persona.
  3. Those relatively stable and enduring aspects of an individual which distinguishes them from other people, making them unique, but which at the same time permits a comparison between individuals.
  4. The enduring characteristics of the person that are significant for interpersonal behaviour.
  5. Behaviour in the human context is more easily defined as: The manor of behaving or conducting ones self.
  6. Behaviour is an expression of that person or personality in a situation, it is how a person reacts or behaves in certain situations or circumstances.

Personality is a hypothetical construct which can be inferred from ones behaviour, which can be easily measured using validated ipsitive profiling tools. To measure behaviour is more involved as by either of the above definitions it must be observed.

One such instrument used to measure personality is PPI (Personality Performance Indicator) this gives you a full personality profile in the form of a report. At this time it is the only validated tool of its kind available on-line as a free example, be it only one per business, access via