Peta finds Inhumane conditions and sufferin cows at Land O’Lakes Facility

Land O’Lakes approved this facility in June 2009

Land O’Lakes facility neglects and is cruel to Cows

Cows are left to suffer and die slow deaths without being cared for or put out of their misery

Peta investigated inside a Land O’Lakes facility in Pennsylvania and found intense cruetly to their cows. They also found disgusting living conditions such as pens filled with inches of feces and urine. Cows that had become sick or injured and collapsed were just left there to suffer. Some suffered in pain for up to a month before being shot and killed. In June of 2009 Land O’Lakes checked out the facility and admitted it needed to be ‘cleaned’ but still approved the facility.
The farm owner and one of his sons were caught on video electro-shocking cows who were too injured to stand. One of the sons kicked the cow and stabbed it with his pocket knife. They have now been charged with cruelty to animals.
To make milking easier, the tails were amputated by binding them with elastic bands so the skin died slowly causing them to not be able to swat away flies and let to spread diseases. The cows standing in inches of urine and feces causes the hoofs to have problems and also causes diseases. Calves rescued from the farm had pneumonia, “manure scald,” ringworm, pinkeye, and parasites. Some injuries oozed pus, even while being milked.
One cow had hoof rot so bad it had became detached. Another cow gangrenous, infected teat ruptured while she was being milked by machine. Workers were told to “amputate” it by binding it with a tight elastic band. The cow’s condition deteriorated over the course of 11 days, until she finally died. Peta has video of another cow that gave birth and then collapsed. A day later, she was found flailing and struggling outside without food, water, or shelter from freezing temperatures the thrashing of her head had carved a trench in the ground under her face. She was eventually shot and killed. This is just an example of the inhumane conditions that Land O’Lakes approved their cows to live in.
Cows are extremely intelligent animals. They feel. The love. There are proved stories of calves being sold at auctions to farms nearby and cows traveling great distances to find their babies. This is common hurt and pain that cows go through everyday. It is no surprise why vegans are healthy and happy. Think of the pain and anxiety that you are consuming. These animals are abused and treated like they have no feelings. Animals are not our property. They love and form strong bonds with eachother. You can view heartbreaking videos on this story and see more photos of the injuries at . There is also a link to protest and sign against Land O’Lakes . Peta always is happy to send a free vegetarian starter kit to anyone who wants more information also and I always welcome emails from anyone wanting to learn more.
As always….I dont want to save the world…only the Animals!

The Herbivore Hippie