Petcare for happier, healthier and spoiled animals

Pets are additions to your family, and they are often labeled as “furry babies.” They are babies no matter how old they get; and, therefore, they should always be treated similar to babies.

First, when you first get your pet, whether it is very young or older, let it roam, investigate and walk around inside your house to sniff your place and get used to it. It is as nervous and scared as you would be when you first go into a new area.

doggiessave_Thumb.jpg Give them long, happy and spoiled lives by making them comfortable and giving them lots of love. Show your pet where its food and bedding area is. Make its bedding area comfortable, with a nice blanket and some pillows that you don’t use anymore. Put some animal toys near it. Some pets sleep in playpens. If it is a cat, show the cat its litter box. Give your new pet a tour of your place, and where it should go to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom.
elfgumby_Thumb.jpg This is my cat, Gumby D’arcy…he says hi to all his internet fans. Spoil your pet and keep them indoors. I understand that dogs need to go outside to go to the bathroom. Put them on a leash for their own protection, and clean up after them so that there isn’t a mess in the street. Or, if you have a nice yard, let your dogs enjoy their backyard. Cats don’t need to be taken out. They know how to use a litter box. Indoor cats are cleaner, safer and happier, enjoying spoiled lives of window seats, cat tree and scratching toys. And, occasionally, pets enjoy cuddling with you on the couch as you watch your favorite TV show. They also keep you company in bed, especially when you are alone.
Indoor pets don’t require that much maintenance except for vacuuming pet hair, cleaning their food areas, and picking up after their poop. Occasionally, there will be accidents inside the house. But, remember, humans make the same or similar accidents, and we should know better. Animals don’t. And, once a month, give your doggie a good bath with natural and herbal shampoo for pets. Maybe, even some conditioner. Be sure to dry their hair well, both towel dry as well as with a hairdryer, drying their ears before they get an ear infection.
welcomekitty_Thumb.jpg If you have any animal health concerns, check out online petcare sites before you go to a Veterinarian. Talk to many people, whether friends, neighbors, people in your religious institution, internet people, internet sites, forums, etc, who have pets because they might have experienced similar health problems with their pets and they can guide you better to the appropriate advice for your pet. Know what options are out there for the symptoms that your pet has. Educate yourself beforehand so that you know what to expect as well as know how to handle the situation better.
xmaskitten_Thumb.jpg Enjoy warm holidays with your pets. Consider giving your pets a natural alternative medication for fleas, ticks and other pet problems rather than chemicals or steroids. Analyze your pet’s or pets’ health, and do what is needed to keep them healthy and happy without further health problems. Give your pets vitamins, minerals and choline supplements. Vaccines are not always necessary, especially for spoiled indoor pets. Remember, ONLY do what is necessary to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy.
blackkittythanksu_Thumb.jpg Thank You for caring and stopping by. Pets age as humans do. Many pets have similar problems that old people have, such as incontinence, arthritis, and loss of reflexes. Older dogs can wear disposable baby diapers. But good luck putting a diaper on your older cat. Cats know karate. So, be patient with older cats. Just keep them off beds, couches, other furniture, and expensive rugs. Make sure they make their accidents on the floor where it is easier to clean. Or, buy them those animal training pads to place under them wherever they choose to sit. Remember, you will be old too some day. You wouldn’t want anyone sticking you in one of those old folks homes or killing you because of your old age. Let them retire happily in their home, relaxed with their food and water close by. When animals go, they will go in their home, in peace, surrounded by their loved ones who took care of them on earth and gave them a happy life.