Piano Notes For Songs

Referring to piano notes is the best way to learn beautiful compositions for songs. Below is an article consists of some advise that anyone can learn such beautiful music and song played by piano.

The piano is a musical instrument which sounds so wonderful. Composers namely Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Chopin made compositions using Piano. In the form of staff notations on the piano music sheet, the music made by the piano is conventionally scripted. It is important to memorize  the piano notes and staff music notations.

Piano Notes for Songs

Piano notes for songs can be purchase from books that have piano music sheets or simply search to the internet. Downloading simple piano notes for songs would be convenient for the beginner. Some of the simple examples are ‘old Macdonald had farm’ or ‘an autumn evening’. Due to its unusual time signature that it carries, the autumn evening is the best example to practice. There are also available piano notes for songs dedicated for beginners that are made by Richard Wright of Pink Floyd and Jordan Ruddess of Dream Theater.

Songs for kids is also available in the form of piano notes and is composed by many classical pianists. Those piano notes for songs are also available on the internet.

Piano Notes for Classical Compositions

It is difficult to find piano notes for classical compositions by legendary musician in the Internet. The best way is to purchase books that have music notations of classical songs which are written by them. Some books are written by Beethoven and Mozart. Such books prove to be great and reliable sources of music notation and gives also great guidelines in playing hard piano notes for songs.

There are also books which are available on the folk music and many people made online notes of such folk songs.

Refer to the link below to know more about piano music and classical compositions:

Planning to take on playing piano seriously, I suggest that you should play and study the legendary composers and musicians.