Pie Chart Map Type

This type of map displays a pie chart over each geographical area. Each pie slice represents an individual data item as a percentage of the whole for that geographical area. This type works best if the data item makes up a whole, or 100 percent. For example, you might want to show a pie over each region showing the percentage of each bike type that was purchased. Maybe 75 per­cent of the bikes bought in California were mountain bikes, where 65 percent of the bikes sold in Florida were competition bikes.

Bar Chart Map Type

A bur chart map shows bar charts over each geographical region. This option works like the pie chart, but it’s better suited for data values that do not equal 100 percent.

Inserting a Map with the Map Expert

The Map Expert guides you through creating a map for your report. To use the Map Expert:

  1. Click the Insert Map button’ on the toolbar or select Insert, Map from the main menu. The Map Expert opens.
  2. On the Data tab, indicate whether you want the map to appear in the Report Header or in the Report Footer. In the Layout area, select title layout of the map. If you have groups in your report, choose the group layout. If you don’t have groups, or if you want to map on multiple values, select Advanced. If you arc mapping cross-tab or OLAP data, select the appropriate option. In the Data area, select the data to illus­trate in the map.
  3. For group layouts, select the group on which to base the mapped data in the On Change Of list. Select the summary field to map from the Show list.
  4. For Advanced layouts, from the Available Fields list select the field on which to break down the data geographically and click the right arrow button beside the Geographic Field box. This moves the selected field into-both the Geographic Field and the On Change Of boxes.
  5.  If you want a different field as the On Change Of field, select the field from the Available Fields list and click the forward arrow to move it into the On Change Of field. It replaces the field listed there by default from the previous step.
  6. Select the fields on which to map and click the right arrow button be­side the Map Values box.