Pit-bull Approaches Tiny Chihuahua, Then A Miracle Happens

Who on earth would let a scary junkyard Pit-bull to approach a senior sick chihuahua that can’t use its back legs? This is exactly what Kristina Helfer did after she received an email about an abandoned 15-year-old chihuahua that desperately needed a foster home… What happened next will surely amaze you! See what happened in #15 and don’t miss #11.

20. An Unexpected Email


It was a ordinary workday for Kristina when, while at work, she received an urgent email from the New York City Animal Care Center (NYCACC). The email was about a senior, very sick dog that was abandoned and needed to find a new home as soon as possible as its mental and physical health was deteriorating. Kristina, being a puppy lover that made her life mission to help abandoned pups decided to do something extraordinary.

Then this happened.

19. Meet Tito!


The email was about Tito, a senior chihuahua who was estimated to be almost 16 years old. Tito was unfortunately very sick… He experienced problems breathing because of a collapsed trachea and had a lot more of major medical issues that presumably was the reason he was abandoned. Kristina knew that she had to do everything that she could.

18. Bringing Tito Home


Kristina decided to bring Tito into her home. It was a very difficult endeavor as Tito couldn’t walk normally as his back legs were weak and he was trying hard to breathe. He was constantly coughing and seemed to be afraid but it was all for his own good as as Kristina admitted, his chances of surviving in the shelter were few…

But poor Tito was about to meet someone new.

17. “Nurse” Frank


Meet Frank! Kristine’s very own Pit-Bull that she’d rescued years ago and he’d joined her family ever since. Frank was nicknamed as “Nurse Frank” because of his endless love and compassion about other fostered animals. He was very good at taking care of them and he’d helped Kristina a lot in the past.

16. Tito & “Nurse” Frank


As you’ve already guessed, Tito caught Frank’s attention from the first minute that Kristine brought him home. Naturally he wanted to offer his special services of love and care but Kristine was afraid that poor Tito wasn’t ready for that.

But then this happened!

15. Frank Refused To Wait


Frank refused to wait and once Kristine’s attention was draw away from Tito, he run and sat next to the sick chihuahua, sticking his snout into Tito’s face.

Tito’s reaction was priceless.

14. He Wasn’t Afraid


At first Tito seemed to be scared but moments later he realized that “Nurse Frank” was only there to help. He used all of his remaining energy to lift up his head and give Frank a kiss! It was this gesture that made Frank fall in love with him. Kristine knew that Tito was in good hands.

13. Best Friends


After this incident, Kristine realized that Frank and Tito had to spend as much time together as possible. She would place Tito near Frank and Tito’s face would instantly lit up. It was like Frank was taking all of his medical issues away. As Kristina said:

“For a dog who can’t walk, to make that much physical effort to make sure he was closer to Frank, was just a sight to see.”

12. Taking Care Of Tito


Tito was really, really sick but Kristina was taking care of him 24/7. He needed careful treatment and specific medication but also lots of love to ease his pain. Frank was there for love and Kristina for all the other things!

11. Never Left Him Alone


Tito was never been left alone ever again. Given his age, he needed attention and company the most and Frank was there to remind him that he has to fight.

10. Tito Started To Improve


To Kristina’s total amusement Tito began to slowly though steadily make progress! Her 24/7 care for Tito had help him a lot and medication seemed to finally ease breathing and it reduced his cough. Tito was a different dog! He didn’t intent to give up now.

9. His Back Legs Were Weak


Even though Tito’s general physical as well as mental health were improving, his legs were still weak. Kristina realized that Tito most probably wouldn’t be able to use his back legs again so she decided to do this. See what she did!

8. Dog Vest


She bought a special dog vest for Frank with pockets on the side so Tito could comfortably fit in. Tito couldn’t believe that he was going for a walk again!

7. Tito’s Guardian Angel


As you’ve already guessed, “Nurse Frank” took his role very seriously. He couldn’t let Tito out of his sight and he was constantly looking back to check that he was alright.

6. Frank’s Past


You may wonder why Frank developed such a selfless and caring behavior that made Kristina nickname him “Nurse Frank”. Frank was abandoned by his previous owner in a junkyard and he was looking quite scary so Kristina realized that he could spend his whole life in a shelter. She couldn’t help but adopt him and Frank seems to show her how grateful he is everyday.

5. Trauma & Anxiety


Frank’s days in the junkyard left some mental scars on him and he developed severe anxiety and abandonment fear. Who could blame him after all? Kristina put a lot of effort and time to help Frank overcome his struggles and it seems that she’d made a really good job.

4. Helping Each Other


Tito appears to have also played a significant role on Frank’s recovery as well. Tito’s personality is special. He is a very confident and loving dog and his confident as well as his very special ways to say thanks, helped Frank overcome his issues once and for all.

3. Kristina Couldn’t Be Happier


Kristina couldn’t be happier that Tito and Frank met one another! As she later said:

“To see this bond between a breed of dog that is just so maliciously stereotyped and this little Chihuahua, it’s just… it’s beautiful.”

2. Moving On


As of today, Tito’s health seems to have improved even more. Frank and Kristina still shower and take care of him everyday but he’s a more mentally stable and a lot happier dog. That’s all thanks to Kristina and of course… “Nurse Frank”

1. Kristina Helfer


  Kristina Helfer is a New Jersey resident that made her life mission to help abandoned and stray puppies to find a forever home. Kristina is working in Real Estate and as it is expected, her schedule is quite heavy but as it’s proven she always finds the time to help pups that are in need. Tito, as well as Frank, owe her their lives!.