Places to Avoid on a First Date

A first date can be a very important start to a long relationship or a very fast path to an end in the relationship.  Many things play a vital part in this such as attraction to one another, taste that each person has, backgrounds, culture, and various other things.  One important ingredient to remember is places to avoid on a first date.  This article will hint at a few bad ideas to have your first date.

1)  Never have a first date at your home alone!  This is an immediate ingredient for failure because most people don’t feel comfortable with that setting so soon!  The man should be the one to take charge and decide where the first date should take place, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if he asked his mother where she would enjoy going on a first date.  Asking the girl may not impress her very much because she may think you are not organized and not wish to continue dating you.  However, one place that should be immediately crossed off the list is your home where there is nobody home.  Don’t put your date in such an uncomfortable situation!

2)  Don’t take your date to a horror movie!  Horror movies and first dates don’t mix!  Most people don’t know the taste of their date on the first night, and taking them to a horror movie may turn them off very fast.  A movie is probably not the best first date idea anyway, and especially not a horror movie.

3)  A big expensive date doesn’t usually impress someone for a first date!  Trying to impress a person by spending three hundred dollars on them for the first date would appear to be appealing, but in fact would probably plant some questioning ideas in the person’s head as to why they are spending so much money on them.  Many people make the mistake of spending a lot of money in the dating relationship and by the time they get married, they are broke.  Spending too much money on the first date is not a good idea.

A first date should be simple and not too formal!  Controversial places should be avoided and if there is any question that the person may not enjoy it, then it is probably best to avoid that venue!