Plenty of Controversial News Topics in 2009

or a number of years there had been concerns for the condition of world affairs, but it was only from 2008 September, that the media started reporting correct developments, as they got to know. This gave a warning to the common public that things were worse than what they imagined.

Some people saw the situation coming to this from 2001, when many of the big businesses in American corporations began outsourcing technology, which was about 52% of the American GDP. It was also seen in the shape of the form of the CAFTA and NAFTA agreements, which were supposedly created for the advantage of the American as well as workers from over the world. It must have been a badly written legislation, as the consequences have been to an advantage of the big corporations at the cost of the workers who are exploited. These issues have been mostly forgotten with the global recession facing us.

Some time back the controversial topics were such which could be managed at a time, like Pro-life against pro-choice, global warming. Organizations were completely devoted to their own issues. Today, any one issue faced in everyday experience is much complicated than the issues which the mankind faced earlier. It is absolutely, hypocritical, to believe that any one person can wave a magic wand and eliminate or find a solution to all problems. Everyone in the world knows that things are really bad. There are numerous controversial news items and each of them is trying to solve the last controversy.

It scandalized numerous people, to hear the Enron disaster, where several individuals had to lose their jobs, retirement plans and life savings. In those days it looked like one such incident, culpable, but not common. Then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taken over by the government and then we had the AIG, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch all going under, we all were completely shocked. Banks were failing all around us and the government stated they were very large organizations to fail and came up with a bailout plan or later known as the rescue plan. It was well known by the people that the huge, multi-billion dollar failure did not happen in a day.

To our growing list of controversial news topics, we also have the increasing unemployment, economic condition of the U.S., global recession, home foreclosures, energy and clean alternatives, badly designed health care plans, as well as oil and world disagreements. America has a lot at stake in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no solution for the Israeli-Palestinian with numerous genocides in African nations.

It is very difficult to find a solution to all these serious problems. The time has come for people to give their views as mostly controversial topics are overlooked in polite conversation. The tradition has to be changed and we have to move beyond politically correct limits.

If we want to stimulate hope we need some kind of smart and diplomatic solutions. Maybe it is time to airing our thoughts on the controversial news topics.