Poem: Inspiration

Different worlds.

Different faces.

Different paths.

Different stories.

Do you know your real place?

Do you know who really are you?

Do you know which way to go?

Do you know your story or the story you will have?

How can you speak in a different world?

How can you see the real you, if mirror fails to recognize the inner beauty of a person?

How will you know if you are taking the right path to take?

How will you know your story or the story you could have?

Our worlds maybe different but the bridges were made to connect the paths

A mirror may not see the inner beauty, but the eye speaks of every secret or every emotion you have in your heart

Paths were made so we can choose whether to go left, right, up or down but never fails to bring us to the right direction after you took a round

Stories are like books different chapters with different designs. Some were tragic while some are ‘lovaholic’. But they always enlighten the reader. Giving us spark that life has differences but satisfies the ignorances.

But one thing I believe, maybe life is imperfect, but it would be boring if it’s perfect.