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I write a great deal of poetry and have started posting some of it on Bukisa, especially for holidays and other special occasions. Since I have had some problems linking from one poetry submission to the next, as that seems to mess up the Google search function, I created an index for my poetry pages on Bukisa:

Father’s Day Poems

Father’s Day Poems – Poetry for Father’s Day. Titles include Father’s Day Acrostic, Father’s Day Haiku, and For Father’s Day

Easter Poems:

Poems for Easter. Titles include: “Easter Acrostic – Eternity Held Its Breath,” “Easter Haiku,” “Wonder – An Easter Poem,” “Faint Ray of Daylight – An Easter Poem”


St. Patrick’s Day Poems:

Poems for Saint Patrick’s Day. Titles include: “Ireland Acrostic,” “St. Patrick the Shepherd – A Poem for Children,” “St. Patrick Acrostic”

Related articles include Who Was Saint Patrick? The History of Saint Patrick & St. Patrick’s Day


Valentines Day Poems:

Valentine Acrostic – a Love Poem

A Mayberry Valentine – a Poem

Romance in Mayberry – a Valentine’s Poem

Essence of Valentines – a Poem

Carmine – A Haiku for Valentines Day

Related articles include Who Was St Valentine? The History of St. Valentine



Mayberry Poems:

Don Knotts: Gone But Not Forgotten. In honor of the anniversary of the death of actor Don Knotts, I posted two poems: “The Nervous Deputy” and “Don Knotts Acrostic”

More Mayberry poetry at:

The Badge – a Poem about Mayberry

Related articles include Remembering America’s Favorite Deputy – Don Knotts


Other Poems:

There Is No God (poetry)

Unemployed – a Poem & Explanatio

Journey to the Sea

A Man Like You

Other poetry articles on Bukisa:

Silver Leaves: a Tolkien Journal – a Review

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The Mayberry Poem – A Tribute to Mayberry – a Book Review



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