Poetry Bloggers: How To Fend Off a Holiday Traffic Slump

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Hold A Special Event
You can keep readers coming to your site by promoting a special holiday-themed event. For example, you could do a Christmas-themed poetry contest on your blog, or post several scary poems for Halloween. Be sure to promote your event several days in advance, so people will know to check your site on the holiday. If you really want to encourage people to come to your site, you could even do something like a one-day only giveaway.

Run An Ad Campaign
Running a short-term ad campaign can be a great way to bring some new traffic to your website. There are always bored people online during the holidays (especially if they’re in the minority that doesn’t, for whatever reason, celebrate the holiday that the rest of the mainstream web audience is involved with), so spreading around a few ads for your site can be a great way to catch their attention. You might even pick up a few new long-term readers from it.

Linkbuild Ahead of Time
In the weeks and days before a major holiday, spend some time to promote your site a little more than usual. Try to get your readers to post reviews of your poetry site on their blogs, or to post links to your site on Facebook and Twitter. Pushing out a host of new links to your site just before a big holiday can bring in a bit of new traffic to help combat the inevitable slump.

Don’t Worry Too Much
Traffic slumps from holidays are usually temporary, and in fact, they’re often followed by a nice boost in traffic after the holiday is over, as people flock back to see what they’ve missed while they were away. If your traffic dips substantially, give it a few days and see if it returns.