Poisoning Prevention in General

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Cases of poisoning often occurs due to incorrect use and abuse of Medicinal products and Food or other such material at risk of Drug toxicity, Napza, Chemical Products and Household Pesticides, cosmetics, traditional medicine, and food.

Here’s how poisoning prevention in General.
a. Don’t choose, buy and eat expired, moldy or rot damage.
b. Save food at low temperature (the fridge) to foodstuffs which are easily damaged. To foodstuffs which are not easily broken (durable), simply save it in the usual wardrobes, origin of rat-free, easy to clean, away from the chemicals, and remove based on FIFO (first in out).
c. Cook perfectly
d. Don’t let mekanan too long in any place open due to enlarge possibly tainted microorganism (especially for foods that are half-baked, which should also closed meetings to avoid contamination).
e. don’t forget to warm up the old with the cuisine is really ripe for most bacteria and fungi die.
f. Preferably green vegetables cooked fresh, old to prevent its oxidized to Fe-Fe2O3 is less healthy for the body.
g. carefully with durian! Because at the same time containing KH, fat and High Protein, durian or (sizzle) often causes intoxication 9 minimum Dizzy-Dizzy). Don’t give it to people suffering from durian kidney. This is very dangerous. Antidur poisoning durian is a solution of salt water is stirred in the skin in the durian’s new eaten last. Then diminumkan to the poisoning.
h. carefully leptospira. Do you like drinking-drinks cans directly from close aluminiumnya? Soft drink or drink straight from the bottle? We recommend that you wash the surface water to be used with germs that may exist from leptospira residual urine of rats lost. Konyaminasi this may happen to the bottle in the storage shed. Leptospira berminggu able to survive in the wild and can cause leptospirosis which causes high fever, muscle pain, as well as trigger calf kidney failure, liver or heart that can cause death.
i. drink milk regularly. Especially for those of us who live in the city this large because each day to suck the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles containing lead, or aromatic like benzene. Or for those of you who work in factories that deals with poison or waste.