Portable Dvd Players Are The Best Travel Gadgets!

I love gadgets. Even though I rarely seem to have enough money to buy the latest gear I am still a bit of a gadgetophile (I think that’s a word, isn’t it?). And my favorite things at the moment are portable TV DVD Combo players.

What I love about these things is that they are quite flexible these days, with many of the best portable dvd player products serving as portable ipod / mp3 player docks as well and offer the ability to watch any videos you have stored on a portable media player on a larger screen, as well as allowing your to watch DVDs and TV shows. They make the best travel gadgets, both for long journeys by train, plane or automobile as well as for shorter commutes to work on the bus or train. And they are also pretty lightweight, and if you want to find a small one that is easy to fit in your pocket you can even get them the size of a cell phone with full TV functions and the ability to play videos if not actual dvd disks which would be bigger than the player itself!

They are great for families too – even you are going to be driving and would not be able to use one of these things on long journeys yourself, they are excellent for keeping kids quiet in the back of the car. You can even get single players with two separate screens so that each child can have one and there is no pushing and pulling and fighting for control of the screen.

I definitely recommend buying one of these things if you ever go travelling to different places or if you have a commute to work.