Prayer Should be Part of Our Daily Routine.

Prayer to God should come to as easy as talking to a dear friend. Someone that we are tell our problems and worries to.  Since, that is what we are actually doing.

When we are praying we are turning our problems and worries over to our best friend.  Tell him what has hurt us during the day, our small daily problems as well as our life’s larger ones, and we are asking his advice on how to treat them.   If it has been a person hurting us, then God will tell us to bless them.  Not to exchange evil for evil.

Why bless someone that has hurt you?  At first, when God was dealing with me on that topic, I fought it that whole way and thought he was crazy.  I went ahead with it and tried it.   I prayed to God saying that “They have hurt me once more and please God help me deal with this person.”  

At first I tried to avoid them as much as I could and I think when God caught on to what I was doing that person seemed to be everywhere I went.   I looked up at heaven and said “Enough is enough.”    Went over to the person and talked it all out.   It was a big misunderstanding.   I wonder how long I would have stayed mad if I hadn’t talked it out with God.  I think he blessed me by not letting me lose a good friend.

We ask advice on how to act toward other people and how to be a blessing toward other people.  It is like talking with one of my friends here on earth.   The only difference is that God, our best friend is up in heaven and he will never forsake us.  He will never leave us and he will always help us deal with the things that happen in our life.