Predestination Condemantion


His judgment was harsh.  He was condemned to an eternity of pink slips.

Her reward was endless disengagement from potential meaning.

The surgeon had to cut lunch meat manually and at exacting thinness.

The dentist was fixed to his chair while an imbecile drilled.

The Obsessive Compulsive Neurotic was in a circular vegetable store not able to buy anything unless it was right-on-pound.  If scallions were 2.93 an ounce he’d have to measure a pound to buy.  Not an ounce more or less.  Bananas drove him babanas.

The Lady-in-Waiting was eternally waiting.

The Poet wrote a thousand years of verse to see it derided and laughed at in highest heaven.

The Politician had a million whistle stops with the same speech across an endless prairie of ordinary people.

The Nuclear Physicist got a glimpse of the Beatific Vision and was denied it henceforth you guessed… for eternity.

The Crown Prince was condemned to constant images of starving children while eating enormous meals he couldn’t share for fear of horrible reflux heartburn.

The Speculator was condemned to games of chance he was enticed to play for promises of redemption but could never win.

The Usurer was placed in confinement with  spendthrifts who could only borrow but never repay.  He had no resources save his own for collecting.

The Great Dictators are imagined in the lowest hell but they see the great heights of power within the angelic clouds but the price of the ticket is true confession in nakedness before their millions of victims. 

The respectable woman chats with her kind over an electric fence dividing her from the next gossiper and the chain stretches across eternity of never ending chatter and again, the perpetuity of it all is the greatest curse.

I’ve relegated you to Purgatory.   Here you stand a chance.  And you can see all of the above per channel if you wish.

My fate?  Now wouldn’t you know it?  I’ve been promised a special place very high on a par with God.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it’s predestination?