President Obama, whose side are you on?

America throughout its existence has held its own through its military strength by dedicated men and women throughout the years to protect our nation and uphold our US Constitution.

Men and women sacrifice everything when it comes to war and for us citizens, we enjoin ourselves to know that we are living in the land of the free and our appreciation of those men and women who serve presents itself every Veteran’s Day, Memorial Holiday, and our Fourth of July celebration.

But these days, I am hesitant to even state the word – citizens, as in plural – because one would think that our President, President Obama would appreciate every single person who sacrificed for our nation no matter what capacity they served. How sadly one is mistaken – but then this is Obama we are speaking about here.

So what is the issue? This is the issue – Obama and his administration sent a strongly worded letter to Congress to cut off the pensions of 26 remaining elderly members of the World War II era Alaskan Territorial Guard who volunteered to serve our nation and without pay mind you during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

So much for a Commander-in-Chief who appreciates those who served, but then Obama never served one day in the military – must be because he was still in Indonesia playing hooky at a Muslim school.

But then the good ole Army decided, in January of this year, to change its minimum requirement policy to not include service in the guard toward the 20-year service requirement – sorry guys, no more weekend warrior for retirement for you – it is all now just games to play, for free.

The state of Alaska jumped in to compensate these well-deserved veterans until Congress comes up with some viable solution – anyone ever see a Democrat controlled Congress ever come up with solutions?

In the continuation march toward the socialist world according to Obama, his administration feels that it is not appropriate to compensate these men and women because the way they look at it, it was nothing more than a service provided by state employees – Do you feel the love, state employees?

The Obama administration is obviously looking at the fact that Alaska did not obtain statehood until 1959, well after World War II. However, it was a territory of the United States and governed by a territorial Governor, Ernest Gruening, who served as Commander-In-Chief. He was authorized by Congress to create a force that would mobilize in the event of an attack on Alaska, which was hard to defend by U.S. Forces due to the fact of distance and terrain.

They did this with no pay or benefits. Approximately 6600 men and women had responded to that call to duty and they patrolled Alaska’s rural interior and were the eyes and ears of the Army. They did this for five years and yet, this is no different than what the militia did in Lexington but someone who is suppose to be Harvard Law graduate would know this – one would think. But let’s not forget that they were granted US veteran status in 2000 and counted as a federal military service until 2004.

And now here comes Obama and his gang trying to turn the history books into something else when the information is presented and factual – that’s like telling everyone the sky doesn’t exist but could there be any more shenanigans out there from this Obama administration? Oops, too late, Chicago lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics because King Obama thought the world really, really, really, really, liked him – can anyone guess how much this fiasco cost the taxpayer?

When will this administration understand that there are well-educated Americans in this country who know history and that this administration’s ignorance is a major blunder?

Obama and administration, it is time to dump the fantasizing and get to work. Let the Alaskan Territorial Guard keep their well-deserved benefits and stop snoozing at the switch. Get over yourselves.

Isn’t there an economy that needs fixing?